How to start Affiliate Marketing without a website?(2023)

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affiliate marketing without a website

Are you thinking to start affiliate marketing? But to do affiliate marketing you may need a website. Building a website is time consuming as well as it is expensive.

So, now many affiliate marketers are trying to find out steps to do affiliate marketing without a website. Since you are a beginner in this field, your budget will be limited.

So why not to check out some ideas how to build alternative to website- based affiliate marketing.

Let’s discuss in detail how to do affiliate marketing without a website.

How to make money from Affiliate marketing without a website?

As we know that we can make money with affiliate marketing without a website, so now it’s time to focus on certain techniques that we will follow to do Affiliate marketing without a website.

Making use the power of social media

The fastest way to grow your affiliate marketing is by creating your pages on various social media platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter have seen massive growth during recent years.

Unless you are a influencer or have a large social media following, its not that easy to start your affiliate marketing.

It is one of the fastest ways but it is required to build your following base. It may require several months for building your audience. Just set up your account and your page and start promoting yourself to grow your following and community.

You can then share your content and place your affiliate link in your content. In Instagram you can’t link directly to posts but can give the link in bio description.

Don’t share your affiliate link directly rather build your authority fast.

Posting links in Online communities and forums

Like minded people come together on different forums and communities. So this helps you to direct market your products online.

You first need to find a suitable forum to market your product. The forum should deal with the product or niche you are promoting. After getting the forum, you should first find out whether promotional activity is allowed or not. Then you have to sign up and start posting.

Create viral content

You can create an ebook that contains valuable content and is based on an interesting topic. Then you can embed the affiliate link in the content. If they like the content of your ebook, then they can click on your affiliate link and this may also increase your conversions.

Youtube Channel

Youtube being the second largest media platform after facebook, you can use youtube channel to do affiliate marketing now. Millions of people post their content on youtube and 63% people now like to purchase products from youtubers recommendations.

You can create product review videos or tutorial videos on youtube. So it is easier to do affiliate marketing through youtube if you don’t have a website. Only thing you have to do is to create good content and place the affiliate link in the description. This also allows many content creators not only to increase their revenue but it also helps in promoting their brands.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a golden opportunity to do affiliate marketing since there are over 4 billion email users in the world. And most of them prefer to get promotional messages via email rather than any social media.

You can launch a email marketing campaign and attach the affiliate link in the middle.

However building a email list is the biggest concern. In that case you can look for vendors who provide sign up services.

PPC Marketing

If you want to make money through affiliate marketing without a website then PPC ads are the best way to bring swift results. It allows you to target your audience and helps in converting leads into customers.

You can first take with a smaller budget and check if PPC works for you. If you get the desired results, you can scale up your investments in this marketing channel.

Both facebook and Google use a pay per click advertising model, allowing you to only pay whenever a user clicks on the ad.  


Podcasts are a surefire way to do affiliate marketing. They accumulate audience, which stays engaged with content for several hours. About half of the podcast listeners buys the advertising products. You should be attentive about what and how to advertise. Links should be easy to enunciate and remember so that listeners could type them in a search bar afterward.

My Final Thoughts

Now its true that you can do Affiliate Marketing without a website but it is going to be little difficult. The leads you generate might not convert.

If you only focus on a single method that is discussed earlier, the number and quality of traffic will certainly not be enough to generate a decent commission. So you should try as much methods as possible to get the desired result.

As long as you are dedicated and focussed on your objective, you can easily do affiliate marketing without having a website also.

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