How to Promote Affiliate Link on your Blog?- The ultimate guide(2023)

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Lot of times we have discussed affiliate marketing is one of the best way to have passive income online by using content on your blog.

If you wonder how social media influencers and bloggers monetize their platform to earn money, then affiliate marketing is the best option for them.

Today about 81% of the business use affiliate marketing as their marketing strategy for promoting their affiliate product or services.

Let’s discuss in detail how to start a blog, what are affiliate links, how to generate them and how to promote affiliate products on your blog to generate a steady income?

So let’s get started.

What does Affiliate link mean?

It is a specific URL that contains the affiliate username or ID. These are used by affiliate programs to track the traffic sent to the advertiser’s website.

Whenever a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, then a record is sent to the affiliate program to track your click, sales, and affiliate commission. You will earn a commission for every purchase or you may get paid for leads as well.

How to get it?

Before learning how to promote affiliate link, first you should know how to get affiliate links and how they works.

First of all you need to select a suitable affiliate program as per your marketing goals and your type of content. Before joining any affiliate program make sure to check out the commission rate and the rules for applying for the program.

  • Log in to the Affiliate program and find out your affiliate link

After being approved for the affiliate program, log in and choose which text links or banners you want to promote. Then you can obtain a unique affiliate links which will be automatically generated for you once you select the text link.

After getting the Affiliate link, you can directly share those links on your social media platforms, Blog or website.

How this works?

  1. Customer clicks on the link.
  2. Customer is redirected to the advertisers website.
  3. Customer is tracked as being referred by you through a cookie. This cookie then records the user’s actions and credits your affiliate account with the sale if a product is purchased within a cookie duration window.
  4. An affiliate network attributes the purchase to you and issues a commission.

How to promote Affiliate Links?

  • Insert the links in product review

Reviews target people with purchase intent and bring in actual sales by providing in-depth information about everything a potential customer wants to know before buying a product.

Try to cover everything that a potential customer would like to know about the product. Use examples and screenshots and write about the top pros and cons of using the product, tips about how to use the product.

  • Insert Affiliate links in your product tutorials

You can also promote the links by creating in-depth tutorials. Tutorials help in building traffic and authority in your chosen niche. A strong product and user-focus combined with keyword-optimized titles and subheadings is how you get qualified traffic.

  • Place affiliate banners on your website

Affiliate programs also provide links in form of banners. Banners have the advantage of visually appealing. You can place these clickable banners in any place on your website. These are easy to place on the sidebar of your page, header, footer, or within your content. The higher the banner is placed on your page, the more clicks you will get.

To use affiliate banners, first, check to see if your respective affiliate program offers this capability. Then, copy and paste the provided HTML into the desired spot on your website.

  • Use affiliate marketing on your emails

For a blogger, it is important for you to build a loyal following of readers. Sending out emails to your blog subscribers means that you must already have an audience. Creating an email sign-up form on your website is a good starting point.

Email marketing serves the purpose of distributing your content and in promoting your affiliate products. If you decide to create a sequence of emails that you send to each new subscriber, maybe don’t place any affiliate links on the first email. Build trust first. Once readers subscribe to your blog, give them the right incentives to join your email list so you can send them an automated welcome email series. In the email you can utilize affiliate links which can help in promotion. 

  • You can embed affiliate links into your video content

For affiliate marketers, videos are a powerful marketing tool. You can create your video content and include your affiliate links into it. So, how do you embed affiliate links into your videos? You add them to your video description and also mention them verbally in your video. 

  • Promotion of affiliate links on social media

Another place to distribute your affiliate link is on social media pages like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. To promote affiliate links in these channels, you need to have an audience consisting of potential buyers. 

On facebook, you can distribute your affiliate links via your personal profile or an online business page. Much like promoting affiliate links on Facebook, you can also generate affiliate traffic from your Instagram posts. However Instagram posts are not clickable, so you must you must drive fans to your bio to click on a affiliate link. On Pinterest you can create pins and boards around a particular product. You can also include a pin with your affiliate link in a board focused on a broader topic.


Now you know how to do affiliate marketing, how to generate the affiliate links, how to place them on your website and finally how to promote them.

Now check out some high paying affiliate programs, decide which program to join, place the affiliate links on your blog and start monetizing your blog today.

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