Why is Content Marketing Important – 9 Main Reasons

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Starting from brand building, lead generation to sales enablement ,high quality content is essential to attain a company’s goal. Content marketing is a effective way to connect with your audience.

Content Marketing is a type of digital marketing and a strategic marketing approach which is focussed on distribution of valuable content to provide value to the audience. Its the process of distributing valuable and consistent content via channels such as blogs, social media, websites, and press releases which ultimately creates brand awareness, increases sales and engagement. It’s a art of interacting with your customers without directly selling them your product or services.

So now comes the question:

Why is content marketing important?

1.It amplifies your brand awareness

Great consistent content helps in building the reputation of the brand. Great content helps in building trust with your customer. The more the content is valuable and engaging, the more you are successful in building trust with your customers who ultimately come to see you as a leader in the industry.

2.Helps in driving more sales

Content marketing brings your customer one step closer in making a purchase when they start building trust in your content. This in turn also build a relationship with your business rather than your competitors business and ultimately drives more sales.

3.Helps your Search Engine Optimization

SEO plays an important part in building your business online by driving organic traffic. Content marketing plays an important role in helping your business to improve search engine optimization. Business that builds consistent and optimized content are more likely to be indexed by search engine. The more content you have on your site there is more chance that your site will rank for more keywords. This has a positive impact on your search engine optimization.

4.Enhances your social media strategy

Great content enhances your brand awareness among potential customers. They start following you in twitter, Instagram or facebook to stay updated on your next content. This in turn increases your social media following.

5.Attractive return of investment(ROI)

Consistent content boosts website traffic and in turn bring in high quality leads. Content marketing precedes traditional marketing by generating more than three times leads than traditional marketing. Customers are inspired to check out a product after reading valuable content. These conversions are valuable as these are the building blocks of your sales funnel. Many small businesses can see an increase in ROI on their content marketing over time.

6.Content Marketing is cost effective

Small businesses rely on consistent traffic and to boost sales and this in turn helps in lead generation. Content marketing not only helps in boosting traffic and ultimately leads to increase in sales but also is affordable. Than any traditional marketing technique , content marketing is less expensive way for lead generation and is more effective.

7.Helps in showcasing your subject matter expertise

Content marketing allows brand to showcase its expertise in the field. Every time you publish a content, customers know how much expertise you have. When customers goes for a purchase, they will choose the brand which publish content consistently and the content is both educational and informative. They will make the purchase where they will find expertise as they know they are being taken care by the experts those who can trouble shoot any issues and can answer any questions.

8. Content marketing helps in supporting every other digital marketing strategy

Many small businesses uses multiple digital marketing strategies to grow their business. From social media marketing to PPC to email marketing, they use multiple strategies. The common in all is great consistent content.

Content marketing is important because it integrates into all areas of digital marketing strategies. It holds together your campaigns and ultimately makes them successful.

9.Educate your audience

Great informative content helps in attracting your audience and thereby helps in solving their problems. Visitors comes to your website to solve their questions and find solution, so content should be designed for the sole purpose of educating your visitors. With providing informative content you not only solve their problems but also this helps in building a strong relationship with your visitors thereby gaining their trust.

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