What is Digital Marketing? : Best Guide 2024

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what is digital marketing

With the increasing usage of internet now a days, offline marketing is not that popular now. So to reach your audience at the right place, you need to go online for marketing your products or services. Here comes the term digital marketing i.e marketing online. So lets discuss in detail

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a online marketing method conducted through electronic devices. Its a dynamic process and social media, search engine, Blogs, email are used to reach out the potential customers online.

Unlike offline marketing which uses channels like print ads , Billboards, etc to reach out to the customers, digital marketing is rather a two way online marketing in which marketing of any kind of business is done through digital media and devices. It is more efficient marketing way and is easy to measure with the help of analytic tools.

Then comes the question:

Why is digital marketing important?

Since digital marketing involves promotion of goods and services through digital media like social media, PPC, blogs, etc so its cost effective and also easier and faster way to grow your brand. Some of the benefits of digital marketing are listed below in details:

  • The biggest advantage of digital marketing you can promote your business across the globe among huge audience. Also you can take advantage of targeting a certain part of audience by Niche targeting i.e by reaching out to people who fits your criteria.
  • You can reach out your target audience in a cost effective way unlike any traditional method of marketing. The return on investment is also comparatively higher in digital marketing as compared to the traditional marketing. Moreover it is easier to measure the analytics with tools like Google search console, Ads manager, Google Analytics, etc
  • Large companies use digital marketing to stand out in the market where as small business can create brand awareness by using pay per click or any paid promotion methods.
  • Digital marketing provides different channels to boost your traffic and make your business successful in the marketing world by using PPC services, SEO services or by making use of social media marketing.
  • One of the major importance of digital marketing is that you can measure how much percentage of searches gets converted into leads by buying products. We can use social media marketing, SEO services , etc to increase our sales.

Types of Digital Marketing:

Here is the list of different types of digital marketing:

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is one of the important component of any digital marketing strategies. It involves creating and distributing content in a wide range of forms including blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc.

Content can be anything posted online from websites to social media posts. By writing a blog or posting a video or image content, thereby helps in driving traffic and potentially growth of your business. It also helps in increasing the brand awareness by increase of social followers.

SEO Marketing:

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a process of structuring your content so that it ranks higher in search engines like Google and Bing and ultimately helps in driving traffic to grow your business. SEO strategy is made up of various techniques including backlink building, content creation, keyword research, etc. SEO such a strategy in which the longer you invest on it , the better results you get.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay per click is a way of advertising by which your content can be moved to the top of search engine result pages by paid means. Simply it’s a way of driving traffic to your website by paying the publisher everytime your ad is clicked. By using tools like Google keyword planner , Google AdWords you can find a set of keywords that helps in ranking your website in the search engine and also be cost effective .

CPC (Cost per click) depends on two factors i.e competition of the selected keyword and quality score of your website. 

Social Media Marketing:

It’s a way of digital marketing by which you promote your brand through various social media channels like facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest, etc . Through campaigns and Ads you can you can grow your followings on social media thereby boost the traffic, generate leads and create brand awareness. The type of social media platform you choose depends on the type of customers you want to reach.

Email Marketing:

It’s a direct form of marketing which sends offers directly to your mailing list inboxes. Now a days all are busy in instant messaging but email marketing is one of the effective marketing tool. E-commerce sites and retail brands generally use this technique to push their sales or seasonal promotions.

By having a email list you can stay in touch of your customers without depending on any changing algorithm. In other words these are the direct channel to communicate with your clients.

Influencer / Affiliate Marketing:

Many small companies or online business have influencers or content creators take over their social media channels to convert their huge fan following into profitable leads for themselves. Through social networking sites like Instagram and youtube, companies approach influencers to promote their products or services through their affiliate links or social pages and in return affiliates are paid a commission.

Influencer/Affiliate marketing can be a short term campaign to increase the website traffic or increase the sales. Google Adsense is a great way of the brands gaining more visibility of their product or services by running paid Ads.

Mobile Marketing:

It’s a broad form of digital marketing which overlaps all types of digital marketing and targets users on mobile devices. It involves adapting everything in mobile and doing mobile specific things like app advertising, adopting instant messenger marketing, sending text messages and offers product and services by geofencing to target a specific demographic.

All over the world businesses are shifting more towards mobile marketing as people now a days spend most of their time in their mobile rather than any other device. The most priority is that all your content and your website should be mobile friendly and it works and looks good in all devices.

Viral Marketing:

Viral Marketing generates interest in a product or service when it spreads from person to person through messaging. Social networks are the habitat of this kind of marketing. It is achieved when it is being shared by the public at large rather than the targeted audience. Viral marketing is very simple to carry out. You put a video in the internet and promote it, wait till people start sharing it like crazy.

Another way it occurs accidentally, when a video uploaded in the internet suddenly becomes popular and starts circulating in the internet. In viral campaigns users do a significant part of the work and creates the brand awareness thereby cutting down the distribution cost. You can also reach international users without much investment and effort.

Video Marketing:

It’s a powerful form of digital marketing which uses video to create awareness, create engagement and drive sales. Businesses are now using more and more videos to engage with their customers. The earlier you get started with videos, the better your success in the long run as videos are super effective in getting your message across by creating an emotional connection with the audience. All the major channels like facebook, Instagram, linkedIn, etc are now pushing the video contents so that they will get more reach and engagement in social feed.