How to get Winzo Gold Coupon Code : Sign up and Get Rs 550 Bonus

Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 06:17 pm

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You might be aware about Winzo Gold. Winzo Gold is a gaming application where you can earn by playing skill-based games, trivia challenges, and fantasy sports to climb the Leaderboards and win big. But if you play in Winzo Gold you can add money by using Winzo gold coupon code and get additional benefits.

In this article we will discuss about how to get the Winzo gold coupon code and how to use it and winzo gold coupon code hack, winzo gold apk download, winzo gold download. Before that let’s have a quick look at what is Winzo.

Winzo is an Indian company mainly well known for its fantasy sports. It is absolutely safe and secure social gaming platform where you can earn real money as much as you can.

With over more than 100 games like Free Fire, snake rush, Bingo, bubble shooter and much more, it has become one of the famous social gaming platforms. This provides users with huge amount of money to the winners and already many have won lakhs of money.

Winzo also has a referral program and you can earn a free cash reward if you participate in its referral program.

Before discussing in detail how to get the the coupon code lets discuss about how to join the Winzo app and how to play the game and earn money.

How to join Winzo

winzo gold coupon code

1.Go to

2. Enter your mobile number to get the download link

3. Open the link in sms and download the winzo app

4. Open the app and create your account

5. Enter your mobile number and verify it using the verification code and login to winzo application

How to play and earn money on Winzo

1.Firstly, go to the winzo app and login

2. Then you can choose which game to play from the given section

3. If you are choosing a fantasy game then you can use the earning bonus as the entry fee.

4. Play and win the game and wait for the ranking position

5. You can get the winning money in your winzo wallet.

To play on the winzo app, you have to add money from your bank account to winzo wallet. But by using the Winzo gold coupon code, you can get discount on add money transactions.

So here we will discuss how to get the coupon code.

How to get the winzo gold coupon code

You can go to the official website of Winzo and get the winzo gold coupon code free of today. Here is the list of some of the websites from which you can get the the coupon code and also coupon code of different other platforms.

You can get winzo gold coupon from this website at a very cheap rate. Also, you may get some coupons for free. Apart from this you can get many other offers from this website.

You have to go and create an account in this website then you can get information regarding coupon codes and also can take the advantage of getting coupon code from this website.


You can get winzo gold free coupon code in this website and also you can get other coupon codes.

You have to go to the official website of RetailMeNot and create your account. Then you can search the winzo gold coupon code. You may get it if it is there. You have to buy it from here.


You can get a discount of 30% on the winzo gold coupon code from this website. So, you can buy the coupon code at a very reasonable price from this website.

This website is available in multiple languages. You can use the language of your choice while using this website.


You can get winzo gold coupon code from this website by registering in it. You can get Rs 50 as sign-up bonus on the coupon code.

Also, you can get winzo coupons. Winzo offers, winzo discounts. You also can know how to use the coupon code on GrabOn. You can get a good deal on this website. So, register on this website and get your winzo gold coupon.

Indian Offers

You can easily get winzo gold coupon on this website. For this you have to create an account on this website. You can also get shopping deals, online food delivery deals from this website.

You get up to Rs.550 as a sign up bonus when you download and sign up on the app. Also, You can also avail referral bonus of Rs.50 on joining

How to apply coupons on Winzo

1.Open the winzo app dashboard

2. Go to the account section

3. Add money from your bank account to the winzo wallet.

4. Apply coupon code to get discount on add money transaction.

5. Now you can use your wallet money to play games and win more by winning in the winzo gold app.

Ways to earn money from winzo gold app

Live games

Pick from 21 winzo games from the winzobaazi tab. Select the game you want to play, give the entry fee and you can play with live players. Depending on the game there will be 1-3 winners. Win from others to get the winning amount. You have to make sure to practice games before playing on winzobaazi.

Daily Quizzes

You can earn free Paytm cash by answering the quizzes. You can pay 50% of the entry fee by using your winzo gold cash bonus. Winners are selected on the basis of votes that an answer gets. It totally depends on your luck to win.

Game Tournaments

These are available on 24×7 tournaments tab. Give the entry fee and start playing. After joining the tournament, you can play unlimited times and only your high scorer is used to calculate your rank.

Play again and again until the tournament end and win a prize depending on your rank.

Fantasy League

Make your team of 15 players, join the tournament and win more money using fantasy games like cricket, football and kabaddi.

Wheel of Fortune

Everyday you can earn cash bonus, tournament bonus and much more with the wheel of fortune.

Games with Winzo Gold Play Coupon

  • Ludo : Ludo is a casual board game in India and it is played strategically. It’s a multiplayer strategy game where each player has four tokens and rolls a die to move them strategically, aiming to reach their home. You can play it inline with your friends, family, with your opponents as strangers.
  • Snakes  And Ladders : This is also a popular board game where you have to roll dice to move on a numbered board. Avoiding snakes and climbing ladders is the goal. It is enjoyed by all age groups. he first player to reach the 100th tile wins the game.
  • Fruit Samurai : Its a fruit cutting mobile game where players swipe to cut fruits while avoiding bombs. It’s a fast-paced and addictive arcade game enjoyed by all.
  • Bubble Shooters 2 : It is an entertaining and strategic game. WinZO offers an exciting version where players can win real cash .
  • Carrom : Its an indoor game famous in India which is now available online. Players pocket assigned pieces and the queen to win. You have to score higher than your opponent to win.
  • Archery Game : Online archery on WinZO involves shooting moving bullseye targets on a circular board to earn points. The maximum score is 10 per shot.
  • WinZO Fantasy Cricket : Here users create virtual team of real players. Score points based on players’ real-life performances, compete against others and aim for the leaderboard’s top position.

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