Free Elite Ludo App Download : Earn up to Rs 100 Free Paytm Cash

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elite ludo app download

Do you want to earn money by playing games? Then you should read this article as we are going to discuss here about how to earn money by playing one of the most interesting game Elite Ludo. Here in this article, we will discuss about elite ludo app download, about this game, elite ludo apk pure, elite ludo download, elite ludo apk download, elite ludo hack mod apk download.

Elite ludo is a strategy board game for two players. This game is played by all generations and has evolved over time and now it is an online sensation. You can download the app, register with your mobile number and email id, add fund to your wallet, join group of 2 players or 4 players and play the game. It is a strategic game which needs your game planning to play and win. Compete with other players, win and earn the prizes.

They offer you a variety of tournaments and 1v1 battles around the clock. Simply you have to participate, compete with others and win prizes. Once the results are announced for a tournament, winners can redeem prize immediately with Paytm or bank. Also refer and earn by referring your friends and win prizes. So what are you waiting for? Join the app and win exciting prizes.

Let’s have a detailed review about this app and how to earn money using this app.

About Elite Ludo review

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Elite Ludo is a game project by AVRLITE GAMES PRIVATE LIMITED founded in Dec 2020. You can earn money using this app and also you can withdraw the amount earned instantly using this app. You can play ludo online in the challenge mode and get the opportunity to connect with random people all over the world.

App NameElite Ludo
Sign up BonusRs 10
Size Approx. 73 MB
Total Download215.4K+
Active daily users23.5K+

It is a dice game and it need a master plan to play. So why not to play this online game and earn reward?

They offer you a variety of tournaments and 1v1 battles. Simply you have to participate, win battles and get the reward. Winner can redeem prize through Paytm or Bank account.

You can also earn by referring your friends to this game and earn prizes whenever they join this app through your referral code.

Top enthusiasts across the world connect with each other to play the game and get the winning amount. All the players have to roll the dice and have to finish the line first with all the tokens. It has amazing features and the dashboard is quite simple. This has all your total earnings, the games which you played and total wining amount.

Every player has a profile section which has wallet balance, about section, support section to make ludo playing easier. Stay hooked with us to know more about the game and how to earn money from this game.

Elite Ludo app download

elite ludo app download

To download the light ludo download and earn rewards you have to follow the below steps:

1. First of all, download the app from here.

2. After the installation, the loading screen opens.

3. Then the terms and conditions page opens, click and agree and continue.

4. Now you can see the login screen. You have to click on the sign-up button.

5. Then you have to fill up details like Username, email Id, mobile number, password.

6. Confirm the password again and click on the referral code box if you have the referral code.

7. Verify with OTP and you can see your home screen loading.

8. Also, you can find your Rs 10 on your new account and Rs 10 on inviting friends.

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How to earn money from Elite ludo app

There are two ways to earn money from this app. You can play game and earn money or refer and earn.

Play game and earn money : To earn money by playing games on elite ludo app, you have to open the app first then click on Play online then select the amount for which you want to play the game. Then click on the Play button. The game will be started and if you win the game , you can earn money which will be added to your wallet and later can be withdrawn.

Elite Ludo refer and earn : You can earn money by refer and earn program by referring the app to your friends. You can also earn Rs 10 as sign up bonus for each referral. You can withdraw the same amount to your bank account. We will discuss the referral program in details in this post.

Elite Ludo referral code or elite ludo app referral code

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You can earn Rs 10 for referring your friends and also you can get a sign-up bonus of Rs 10. This amount can be redeemed into your bank account.

If you want to earn money from the refer and earn program then follow the steps:

1. Open the app

2. Click on ‘i’ button

3. Now click on ‘Refer and Earn’ option

4. Your referral code will be generated

5. Invite your friend using your referral code on any social media platforms and get Rs 10 as reward whenever your friend sign-up using your referral code.

6. Also, your friend will get Rs 10 as sign-up bonus.

Ways to play Ludo game on this app

1. Computer: You can play ludo games with a computer but there is no entry fees or reward.

2. Friends: You can play with your friends and can get real money.

3. Online: Play with random players and win free Paytm cash.

First you have to pick the mode to start the game. Then you have to select the players with whom you want to play. After that the customized ludo game dashboard will reflect on your screen. The game starts with each player rolling the dice each at a time. To win the game you have to get all your tokens across the finish line before all your challengers does. Attack other players tokens to gain the lead and send them to the starting position. If you move all your tokens across the finish line then you will win the game.

Rules to play the game

Ludo should be played between a minimum of two players and a maximum of four players. Before starting the game each player is assigned a specific colour which cannot be changed between the game. The dice is rotated clockwise. There is no need of a six to release token from its home position. If a token land’s on the position of your challenger’s token then that token is sent to the home position. It is considered safe when you land on the safe zone or crosses the final zone. The player who first takes all token to the end zone wins the game. You will not get any amount if you quit between the game.

How to withdraw money by playing elite ludo game

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1. Click on your prevailing balance

2. Click on withdraw

3. Go to the price info to add the details of your bank account or UPI Id

4. Save the price info

5. Now you can withdraw your winnings either to your bank account or to your UPI.

6. UPI withdrawals takes upto few hours to process and bank withdrawals are processed within 1 working day.

Features of elite ludo and how to earn free paytm by playing elite ludo

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You might be thinking elite ludo fake or real. Here are some of the features of elite ludo and it is absolutely safe to play and earn through this app.

Monthly Challenges:

You can play elite ludo in the challenge mode with random people all over the world

2 to 4 players:

You can play with multiple player mode which allows 2 to 6 people play ludo at a time depending on the application.

vs computer:

You will not get any coin when you play with computers

Play with friends:

Local mode allows you to play ludo with your friends and family. You can find opponents from global.

Refer and win:

Refer the ludo elite app download to your friends and earn money as much as you refer.

Why is this app so popular in 2024?

There are several reasons which has made this app so popular world wide. Now people wants to stay at home and play online games, they also look for ways to socialize with others through various platforms remotely. The second point is that it is easier to download the app for free and play games. There are also additional features that can be unlocked through in-app purchases.

The rewards and prizes are a special attraction. After winning the game the players are rewarded and they can compare their scores with other players in the leaderboards.

Elite Ludo customer care

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Elite Ludo Customer Care numbers are 9836170140 and 9836173864.

Support Email: [email protected]

Address: Elite Ludo – FF, 11B, 4th Floor,
S.N Banerjee Road Kolkata 700013

Elite Ludo policy

This app aims at complete customer satisfaction. In case of any error in the service provided, they will refund the money after investigation. Please read all the details before participating in any tournament as it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase. Please note that this Return, Refund and Cancellation Policy are part of the Terms and Conditions above

Terms & conditions

You should be 18 years older or above to use this platform. This platform may not be used below 18 year’s and by residents of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Further there may be certain restrictions in some additional states.


Download the Elite Ludo app and follow the rules and guidelines to play the game. You can earn real money by playing the game and also by referring the game to your friends. So, enjoy playing your favorite board game online with your friends.


What is elite ludo game?

It is an interesting mobile gaming app which brings the Ludo board game experience to play online. It is a dice game but it requires to play strategically and proper master plan to play the game.

How to download Elite ludo?

To download the app, you have to go to our Elite Ludo app download section of this post and follow the instructions given. You can download the app both in Android and iOS.

Can we play Elite Ludo for free?

Yes it is free to play. But there is optional in app purchases that provides additional features which enhances the gaming experience.

How can you earn money from elite ludo app?

You can earn real money from Elite ludo app in two ways. You can play games and earn real money and also earn by referring the app to your friends. This money can be directly withdrawn.

How to track my rewards and referrals?

This provides a tracking system. You can find the rewards and referrals in the Refer and earn section of the app.

How long it takes to withdraw money from this app?

It takes place within 5-10 minutes to withdraw money. But in some cases you can wait for 12-24 hrs for the amount to be credited to your account.

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