Taskbucks Invite Code : Up to Rs 63 on every referrals.

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tasksbucks invite code

Hello everyone, today we will discuss about another earning app Taskbucks, Taskbucks invite code, Taskbucks referral code, taskbucks unlimited referral trick, task pro referral code, taskbucks bonus code 2023, and Taskbucks invite code today.

Before discussing in detail about Taskbucks invite code, let’s have a quick look at what is Taskbucks?

Taskbucks is an earning app from where you can earn free mobile recharge, Paytm cash and data recharge by completing tasks. In this app, users have to do fun tasks like trying new apps or connecting with existing apps, sharing interesting content and taking surveys. Here you will earn bucks which can be redeemed in cash and kind.

Benefits of joining the Taskbucks app using Taskbucks invite code:

  • Up to Rs 63 on every referrals.
  • Get coins when they refer their friends and when they install different apps.
  • Referral Bonus Rs 18.

Taskbucks Invite Code

You can earn up to Rs 63 on every referral by using Taskbucks invite code. Also, you can earn money by completing tasks, playing games and quizzes, refer and earn, and participating in lucky and win programs.

Here are a few steps on how to install the app and earn from it.

1. Download the app from Google play store

2. Open the app and then click on enter with phone number

3. Next you have to fill your details like name, mobile number and email id

4. Click on next, verify your phone number and your account will be opened successfully.

Taskbucks app benefits

You can spend your free time on Taskbucks app by playing games, completing tasks, Quizzes and earn reward.

You can earn coins, free Paytm cash and free mobile and data recharge. You can earn up to Rs 1000 per month on Taskbucks.

How to refer friends and earn coins

You can invite your friends to join TaskBucks by sharing the taskbucks invite code and earn coins to get free recharge.

1. Open the Taskbucks app in your smartphone

2. Go to the menu section and click on ‘Invite and Earn’ section

3. You can share your Taskbucks invite code with your friends in WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or any social apps.

4. When your friend joins through your taskbucks invite code then you earn coins which you can redeem to get cash.

How to earn coins on Taskbucks?

taskbucks invite code

You can earn coins from taskbucks by:

1. Playing quizzes and games

2. Complete simple tasks as provided to get coins. Each task that is completed earns you coins which can be redeemed for Paytm cash or free recharge.

3. Invite friends and earn referral reward by using taskbucks invite code

4. Participate in daily contest and win free recharge. You can also earn by simply login daily to your account. The more frequently you log in, the more coins you can earn and redeem it to Paytm cash and free recharge.

5. You can also earn by completing surveys. This app offers different surveys on various topics. Another option is downloading apps. You can also earn by downloading and trying out new apps. You can also send mails to your friends and play games to earn coins on this app. You can earn coins by completing this quick and easy tasks.

6. Join Taskbucks by entering the Taskbucks invite code and get Rs 63 as referral amount. You can also earn sign up bonus as Rs 10 by downloading and joining the app.

How to use your Taskbucks coins?

Your coins are converted to daily cash. You can transfer your coins to your wallet and get free recharge and data recharge.

You can participate on daily contest to earn extra coins and also refer your friend using taskbucks invite code to get coins.

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Taskbucks invite code refer and earn: Terms and conditions

1. The friend whom you send the taskbucks invite code should be a new Taskbucks user and should not have a Taskbucks account already.

2. The coins that you earn will be transferred to your wallet and will expire after 30 days if not used by the user.

3. The user must visit the app within 30 days otherwise he will be considered as inactive user and the wallet amount will be lost if he or she will not use the app within 30 days.

4. Taskbucks is not responsible for any unsuccessful recharge transactions.

How to do mobile recharge using Taskbucks

1. Open Taskbucks app

2. Go to ‘My Income’ section

3. Click on ‘Withdraw’ option

4. Click on ‘Get free recharge’

5. Enter your mobile number, select your operator, your circle, select the amount.

6. Then click on ‘Recharge Now’ option

Usually, the recharge is processed within 5 mins but sometimes it takes 6-8 hrs to process recharges. In case of failure, amount will be refunded to your wallet within 24-48 hrs.

How to withdraw money from Taskbucks app

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You can withdraw money that you earned from Taskbucks app as Paytm cash.

1. Open the Taskbucks app and go to ‘My Income’ section

2. Click on the withdraw button

3. Enter your mobile number and select the amount

4. Click on the confirm button and you can get Paytm cash.

The minimum amount to redeem in Taskbucks is Rs 30. You can get it through Paytm cash or free recharge. Also if you have 30 rupees and above balance you can withdraw it either paytm are for recharges.

Ways to earn money from Taskbucks app

Other than referring the app to your friends, there are also a number of options to earn money from Taskbucks app.

By playing games

You can play games here and earn money. For this you have to open the Taskbucks app, go to the ‘Game’ option. There are a variety of games here. You can play and win to get the reward.

You should play those games about which you know so that you can get the reward.


You will be redirected to Qureka to play quizzes. Play Quiz, win and get the amount in your Taskbucks wallet.


The app also gives you coins for daily check-ins, spin the wheel, etc. 1000 coins is equal to Rs 2. You can also earn coins by doing these activities.

Hot offers

You can install the app to earn money. Some offers pays for instantly installing the app and some pays for a subscription. But ultimately you can earn money by using these offers.

Taskbucks gaming rules

1. Every 30 minutes, the top scorer will be rewarded 50 coins which can be converted to cash and transferred to your Paytm wallet.

2. 48 users will be rewarded and you will get 2 attempts to play quiz every hour.

3. You will be allowed to play quiz next day if you win. You have to answer 20 questions and one question in 10 secs.

4. You will get 10 points for correct answer and -5 points for wrong answer.

5. You can also end the quiz on your own by choosing the exit option.

6. Winners will be announced after 10 mins of every half an hour.


You can earn coins on Taskbucks which you can redeem to Paytm cash or free recharge. With over 40 million users this app is one of the best options to earn money online during your free time.

You can also refer your friends and earn money by their referral program. So, why not to take the advantage and earn a few bucks from this app.


How do I get a free recharge?

You can earn coins by playing games, quizzes or by referring your friends to join Taskbucks. Use these coins to convert them to recharge your phone.

How to invite my friends & earn coins?

Invite your friends and earn coins to get free recharge by:
Going to the Taskbucks app, then go to the Invite & Earn section & share your exclusive invite link with friends.

You can earn more coins by sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & all other social sharing apps.
When your friends join using your invite code, you start earning coins, convert these coins to earn cash.

I did not get my recharge why?

 Usually, all recharges are processed within 5 mins.    Sometimes it takes 6-8 hours to process recharges. In case of failure, amount will be refunded to your wallet within 24-48 hrs.

What is a promo code and how can you use it?

Promo code is an optional code used at the time of registration by new users. It provides special bonus coins.

How do I get my referral link and how to use it?

Every user has a unique referral link or taskbucks invite code by which you can invite your friends to join Taskbucks. To get the referral link follow the below steps:

1. Click on referral wall icon

2. Click on invite and earn

3. Here you will get your referral link or taskbucks invite code which you can copy and share with your friends.

Where can I see the result of running contest?

Winners of contests are automatically selected and are informed via notifications about their reward coins.

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