Fampay Referral Code : Get Rs 400 on Sign Up

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fampay referral code

Hello everyone, today, we will discuss in this article about India’s first neo bank FamPay and FamPay referral code. FamPay offers prepaid card payments for teenagers and students. You can also earn up to Rs 5000 min by referring your friends. You don’t need to be 18+ to use this super cool card, anyone who is 11 years and above can apply for FamPay card. You can get unlimited rewards, win cashbacks, discounts on your favorite brand.

So why not to take the advantage and earn money by referring FamPay to your friends by using your FamPay referral code.

You will get the below mentioned benefits by joining the Fampay app:

  • Up to Rs 1000 on inviting friends.
  • 400 coins on a new joining.
  • Expensive rewards like speaker, Bluetooth.

Before discussing about the FamPay referral program let’s have a quick look at what is FamPay?

What is FamPay?


As we know FamPay is the first neo bank of India and it offers online (UPI & P2P) and offline card payment for teenagers in India. The teenagers can make the payment online or offline using the FamCard without setting up a bank account.

FamCard is your personalized card and you can design your card with a customized name and doodles. Also you can block or pause it anytime.

They aim at driving the teenagers from cash to digital and all without a bank account. It is one of safest and secure payment option with all the UPI payments being device lock protected and two factor authentication on all payments.

How to download and sign-up on FamPay app?

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1. Download the FamPay app from the play store

2. Install and open the app

3. Enter your mobile number and verify it by entering the OTP that is sent to your mobile number.

4. If you have a FamPay referral code then FamPay referral code enter and you can get Famcoins and scratch card as sign-up bonus.

5. Fill up your full name and date of birth

6. Give permission to access your location

7. Create your UPI id and it will be created successfully.

8. To activate your account, you have to enter your Aadhar number.

9. Verify it using the OTP that is sent to your mobile number that is linked to your Aadhar card.

10. Now you can enjoy all the benefits as a FamPay user.

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Fampay Referral Code

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1. Open the FamPay app

2. Click on Menu option

3. Click on invite a friend option

4. Share your FamPay referral link via WhatsApp or any social sharing app

5. And get up to Rs 5000 min per successful referral.

6. Your friend will also receive a sign-up bonus of Rs 50 and 200 FamPay coins by using your FamPay referral code.

7. Sign-up bonus and referral reward are not redeemable and can be used for contests.

8. If the user’s app wallet reaches Rs 11, you can withdraw the amount to your bank account.

How to redeem your Fampay Referral code?

  • Download Fampay app.
  • Create a new account by entering your name, email address, and mobile number.
  • Enter your referral code while signing up.
  • Set up your account and use your Fampay account to pay bills, send money to friends, and more.

Benefits of FamPay card

Anyone who is 11 years and above can apply for the FamPay card. It is one of the best prepaid card and teenagers can make UPI payment using this card. The card has been designed to fill the gap between teenagers and digital payments.

1. You can get a monthly transaction limit of Rs 10,000

2. The approval process is fast

3. You can make the payment online or offline easily

4. You can also earn reward and famcoins for each transaction.

5. Students need not have to carry cash all the time

6. It is a numberless card that keeps your info secure

7. Safest card that you can block or pause any time.

8. Scan & pay using your UPI id

9. You can recharge, pay bills and shop online.

10. All UPI payments are device lock protected

11. There is no linking to your parent’s bank account

12. Two factor authentication on all payments.

The most important point is that  FamPay has collaborated with feeding India by Zomato and Give India Foundation for contributing a meal for a child.

Safety features of FamCard

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The famcard is made numberless for security reasons and all the information are stored in the FamPay app.

The app is device lock protected. If you lose your card, you can block it at any time through your app.

Famcard me & Famcard

There are two option to choose from Famcard me and Famcard.

Famcard me features

1. 4X famcoins as reward

2. You can have your customized name and design with doodles

3. Tap and pay enabled

4. Subscription of top brands

5. Get this card for Rs 399

Famcard features

1. 2X famcoins as reward

2. You can have a customized name

3. Tap and pay enabled

4. Get it at Rs 199

Terms and conditions for earning famcoins

1. Famcoins is only for the teenagers

2. You can buy famcoins one time a day using a spinner

3. To redeem the famcoins, KYC is needed

4. You can earn famcoins by paying a friend but the receiver should be less than 20 years of age

5. To earn FamCoins, a minimum of Rs 11 UPI payment must be done to a merchant.

6. You can earn a maximum of 1000 famcoins.

7. You can transfer a maximum of Rs 2,00,000 per year


What is FamCard?

Famcard is a numberless card which keeps your info secure. It is safe and can be blocked or paused any time. This card can be designed with your customized name and doodles.

How do I order the Famcard me?

Download and sign-up on the FamPay app. After completing your KYC verification, you can use your virtual Visa FamCard. You can design & order your FamCard me on the FamPay app.

Why FamCard me?

FamCard me is India’s fist card with doodles and is made exclusively for teenagers. It is completely contactless with tap and pay feature and is accepted everywhere. It is the most rewarding card with 4X rewards on every transaction.

Where is FamCard me accepted?

FamCard can be used at all the Visa accepted stores and merchants to make payments. You can use anywhere including your favorite stores.

Are there any charges for using FamCard?

There is no charge of using FamCard. Also. You need not keep any minimum balance to use the FamCard or FamPay app.

Is FamCard me safe?

The FamCard me is absolutely safe as it is a numberless card and all the details are stored in the FamPay app. The card is device lock protected. If your card is stolen or lost, you can block the card any time using the FamPay app

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