Paytm Refer and Earn – Earn Free Rs100 Cashback For Each Referral

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paytm refer and earn

Hello everyone, you all might be aware of Paytm. It is one of the largest mobile payment platforms in India for money transfer, BHIM UPI payments, recharges and other online payments. You can do all your online payments like investment, insurance payments and many more using this app. You can say it is an one stop solution for all your payment needs.

But do you know Paytm also have a Paytm refer and earn program. Here in this article, we will discuss in detail about Paytm referral program, how to earn money using Paytm referral program, Paytm refer and earn problem.

You can use Paytm to do all your daily online transactions. Also, you can earn cashback rewards up to Rs 10,000 by referring your friends on Paytm.

So why not take this advantage and earn a few bucks monthly by Paytm referral program.

Paytm Refer and Earn Trick


You can refer your friend on Paytm and earn cashback. Your friend will also get a reward on completing his 1st UPI money transfer on Paytm.

You can invite your friend and get a cashback of Rs100. You can refer a maximum of 20 new friends per month and 100 new friends overall. This means you can earn Rs 10,000 in your lifetime by referring your friends on Paytm.

You can receive the cashback within 7 days after being eligible for cashback of Rs 100 for each referral.

How to Refer and Earn Rs 100 cashback

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1. Open the Paytm app in your smartphone

2. Click on the menu option

3. Scroll down and click on ‘Refer and Earn’ option

4. Click on ‘Invite’ button and share your invite link on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or by sending message.

5. Tell your friend to click on the invite.

6. If your friend completes his 1st UPI payment on Paytm, you will get Rs100 cashback for each referral within 7 days.

Paytm Referral program terms and conditions

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1. You will get Rs 100 cashback and your referred friend will get a surprise reward after completing 1st payment on Paytm.

2. You can refer a maximum of 20 friends per month and 100 people in lifetime on Paytm.

3. You and your friend will get the cashback within 7 days after your friend completes his 1st UPI payment on Paytm.

4. Your friend should have clicked on the share invite link before linking his bank account with Paytm.

5. If he is referred by multiple Paytm users, then the person whose link he will click will get the cashback.

6. To get the cashback you have to link the bank account with Paytm within 7 days of being eligible to get the cashback.

Why Paytm is giving cashback for Paytm Referral program

As we all know Paytm is one of the largest online payment apps widely used by all. This is famous in India for its simple user interface and providing a good user experience.

In spite of being one of the best online payment apps, it also provides a refer and earn program. Do you know why?

By the refer and earn program, Paytm wants to expand its reach and grow its customers. Like many other benefits that are provided by Paytm, this refer and earn program is also another way to grow its customers.

When you refer your friend to Paytm, it is benefited that is the reason why it gives you a cashback reward.

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How to refer friends to buy Paytm Fas Tag

You must be aware of what is FasTag. FasTags allows to drive through the FasTag lanes without paying the Toll taxes. Now you can purchase FasTags for your commercial and non-commercial vehicle at Paytm. Also, you can refer a friend to buy a FasTag and get Rs25 cashback.

The referral offer is for all users. You can refer through an invite link by sharing it in WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The referrer will get the cashback through the cashback in their Paytm wallet. The cashback will be credited within 24 hrs after the FasTag is delivered.


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How do I refer and earn on Paytm?

Open the Paytm app on your smartphone. Click on ‘Refer and Earn’ on the menu option. Then click on Invite option and share your invite link with your friends using WhatsApp or any other sharing apps.

What is the reward for referring your friend on Paytm?

By referring your friend on Paytm you can get a cashback of Rs100 and your friend will also get reward. This cashback you can get after your friend makes his first UPI payment on Paytm.

When will I get my cashback on Paytm refer and earn 2022?

The cashback will be credited to your account when your friend makes his first payment on Paytm. This takes within 7 days.

What is Paytm refer and earn customer care number?

To register a UPI complaint, you can contact their 24 x 7 helpline number 0120-4456-456

Why cashback for Paytm Refer and Earn not received?

If your friend does not join Paytm through your paytm referral code within 7 days and does not make his first UPI payment then you will not get the cashback.

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