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zomato pro activation code

Hello everyone, I have come up with another offer today. In this article we will discuss about Zomato pro activation code, how to get it and how to get the benefits using this.

When it comes to online food delivery, Zomato is the best choice for most of the food lovers. So why not to use this opportunity and get a Zomato pro membership and get your food from your favorite restaurant at your doorstep quickly and with a special discount. So why to waste time let’s have a quick look at Zomato food delivering app and the Zomato pro activation code.

About Zomato

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Now as all wants to order the food at their doorstep, Zomato provides customers with the best food delivery experience. It is one of the best Indian aggregator and food delivery company founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. It is now operating in more that 1000 Indian cities and is quickly expanding its reach.

Now that you are aware of Zomato then you must be knowing about ‘Zomato pro’. With Zomato pro membership you can get many benefits like free delivery of your orders. Let’s discuss in this post about Zomato pro activation code by which you can get the membership for free and get many benefits.

How to use zomato pro activation code

Users can get free Zomato activation code to claim pro membership and get the additional benefits like discounted Zomato pro price. These are available occasionally as Zomato pro gift offer.

Zomato gold membership benefits

Zomato gold combines the best of pro and pro plus into a single membership, and has many new benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of Zomato gold membership:

1. On time guarantee of delivery of orders.

2. Up to 30% extra off above all existing offers at partner restaurants across India

3. Up to 40% flat off on dining outside 

4. Also, there is no daily, weekly or monthly limit.

5. Free delivery at all restaurants under 10 km, on orders above Rs 199.

6. VIP access during rush hours.

Zomato Gold price

Zomato is offering 3 months membership plan at Rs 299.

How to get Zomato pro activation code

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Here are few steps on how to get Zomato pro membership:

1. Download the Zomato app from play store.

2. Open the Zomato app

3. Click on ‘Zomato pro’ tab

4. Create a profile

5. Click on ‘Your membership’ section

6. Apply Zomato promo code for pro membership

How To Get Zomato Pro Plus activation Code

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You can join Zomato pro plus membership only if you have received the invite from Zomato official. You can check whether you are invited to pro plus by visiting the pro plus link in Zomato app.

You can also download the Zomato app, visit the pro section and check whether you are invited or not. If the invitation banner is visible then you can get the pro plus by giving the minimum fee. Also get unlimited free delivery, extra discount on all orders, No surge fees, etc.

The best feature is 30 minutes delivery and if not delivered then food order will be free and amount is refunded in Zomato coupon.

Currently you cannot extend the membership of your Zomato account, so there is no Zomato pro plus membership extension code.

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How to get Zomato Pro Plus membership and Zomato pro activation code for free

Here are a number of ways to get the Zomato pro free activation code and Zomato pro activation code hack:

Using Paytm App

1.Open Paytm app

2. Go to the ‘Paytm first’ section

3. Click on ‘Zomato pro offer’

4. Copy the activation code

5. Download Zomato app from play store and open the app

6. Select ‘Zomato pro’ and click on ‘have a membership Zomato pro activation code’

7. Paste the Zomato pro activation code and enjoy 3 months of free subscription of Zomato pro membership with all the extra benefits.

Using Flipkart Supercoins

Flipkart provides you with a option to get Zomato pro membership for 3 months. But you will have to spend 150 supercoins for this.

1.Open the Flipkart app and the offers. You can get here Zomato pro membership free for 3 months.

2. You have to redeem 150 supercoins from the app.

3. Get the code, open Zomato app

4. Select the Zomato pro section and choose ‘I have an activation code’

5. Enter the Zomato pro activation code and Zomato pro free membership is activated.

Zomato Pro Plus

This program is invite-only program and for a limited time. Here you do not have to pay any fees and for that Zomato will check your eligibility.

Here are the few steps how to get it.

1.Open the Zomato app and click on your profile icon.

2. Scroll down and click on ‘Zomato Gold’

3. Click on ‘Send an invite’ on the top.

4. You may get an invite code from Zomato, if you are lucky. Then you can get a Zomato pro membership for free.

How to avail Zomato pro discount while dining out?

1.Open the Zomato app and check out the partner restaurants on the app

2. Visit the restaurant and pay bill using Zomato app

3. Show your screen and leave

Zomato pro membership: Terms and Conditions

1.The membership can only be used in a single device

2. Members must carry out a valid ID proof at the time of redeeming the discount.

3. There is no daily, weekly or monthly limit on the offer.

4. Zomato pro is not valid on takeaway

5. Discounts are not valid on special occasions like new year, Christmas, etc.


Now you are aware of Zomato pro activation code 2020, Zomato pro plus invite code. We have also discussed in this article how to get the benefits from Zomato pro membership and how to get the membership for free. Now you can take the advantage and enjoy your online food delivery with extra benefits.

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