10 best ways how to stay focussed while working with your startup

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stay focussed while working on your startup
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Have you ever thought how a you can build your startup and build into a successful business. Even if you have enough fund but to stay focussed while working with your startup is the main reason behind your successful business.

To build a successful startup you need to set a short term and long-term goal and be focussed in maintaining them. So, prepare a proper startup strategy plan to get it easily done. Now let’s discuss in detail in this article some important factors so that the distraction demon won’t destroy your startup business.

Put your plan in writing

It is important to create a proper to-do list if you want to be focussed. Set aside a day for a strategic planning session and prepare a to-do list that focus on important task to be done first. Limit yourself to less task so that it should be completed within the day.

Prepare a to-do list for next day before leaving for that day. Do your most important work at your peak time i.e when you first wake up. You must find out your ideal time of focus and complete your toughest work at that time may be morning or night.

Ask yourself about the revenue

Many startups believe that they won’t get any revenue in the beginning. But this fact is not true. If you won’t get revenue then how can you be motivated to continue your work. Then you will only be distracted.

Always keep the revenue in your mind to be motivated and make your startup business successful. Always make decission keeping revenue in your mind.

Monitoring your distractions

Most of our time we spend in thinking other things than that we should do at that moment. So, this makes it difficult to stay focussed on your work. You should recognize when your mind starts wandering and bring it back to focus. You should be aware of your thoughts to control them and focus on your business.

Once you fall in trap of your thoughts then it is impossible to concentrate on your work. So don’t let yourself jump from one project to another rather be attentive to your thoughts.

Be productive with each minute of your day

There are always a lot of things to work upon. You should focus on the right thing at the right time so that you can manage your time properly. Every time you have to ask yourself what is the most important things you have to do at that moment and which work can wait? So set your priorities and pick and choose what is most important work to do first.

Make sure to choose the task as per the amount of time you have so that you can make use of every minute. Don’t waste your time in social media or surfing the internet. Sometimes these sacrifices are necessary to achieve the goal.

Plan on Sundays to stay focussed while working with your startup

When you are working on a startup, you should be more focussed as compared to your regular 9 to 5 job. This can be difficult as well as it also takes some time but you should stay focussed while working with your startup.

Thus, it is necessary to plan ahead so that you can have a more productive week ahead. You have to plan ahead on Sundays for the next week. This will help you in a proper planning and ultimately your time will not be wasted.

It may sometimes happen that something may come all of a sudden which will hamper your planning. But believe me if you have a plan to fall back on, then you can bring your problems on track easily.

Optimize your tasks

Streamlining your task helps you to avoid wasting time and to stay focussed while working with your startup. You can take help of certain management tools that will help you to be in track.

Focus on the task that can be done by you on that hour of the day. You can also hire some freelancers to help you out in some less crucial tasks. By dividing your task, you can focus more on the crucial task and get it done on the right time.

Also, if you are working on two different works, then you should streamline your to-do in such a way that each work has a separate time. In this way you don’t have to switch your thinking style.

Get up early morning

The best time for you to work is early in the morning when there are no distractions, no phone calls or mails. So it is wiser to get up early in the morning and start your work.

You will be surprised to see how you can get your work done easily during the early morning hours. Make the use of morning and get your important tasks done. Checking mails and attending meetings can be done in the afternoon.

Do some work for your business everyday

No matter what day it is may be a holiday or your birthday, you should always stay focussed while working with your startup and do one thing for your business every day. This will keep your mind fresh and help you focus on your startup.

When you completely take a break or go for any vacation then you can’t work with the same passion the next day. So, take a break with at least a small work of your business done. In this way you can enjoy as well as focus on your business.

 So, it is advisable to work fewer hours than stretching yourself. Distribute your work during seven days of the week rather than taking a break on Sundays. In this way your brain will remain focussed on your startup.

Be part of a community

The journey of starting up a business can be lonely but you have to sacrifice your social life to stay focussed while working with your startup and increase your productivity. But belonging to a group of like-minded individuals who are facing the same challenges can be motivating for you.

So, joining such communities will help you stay motivated. You can also learn from the challenges and obstacles that they have faced during their journey.

Set Goals

It is required to set a goal to stay focussed without getting distracted in many directions. You may set a daily , quarterly goal or any small goal but this helps you to stay focussed while working with your startup. Setting a goal will sharpen your mind and help to achieve what you want.


From the above article you might have learnt some lessons on how to stay focussed and build your startup into a successful bussiness.

Basically you have to avoid all distractions as much as possible to stay focussed while working with your startup as this can only help you in building your business.

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