9 Best ways how to make money writing

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how to make money writing
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You might be thinking how to make money by writing when most of the writers never get rich. That is true but you can definitely make a side hustle income by writing. If you are an exceptional writer then there are loads of opportunities to make money.

Whether you want a side pocket money or a full time income, all required is a lot of time and effort. You can get paid to write time to time.

In fact, there are a number of ways to monetize by writing. Here we will discuss a few of them. In this article we will cover how to make money writing and the different strategies that should be followed.

So let’s start.

How to make money writing by starting a Blog

Blogging is one of the best way how to make money writing. You might be thinking being a new blogger can you earn from a blog when there are a number of established bloggers online. The answer to this question is “yes”.

It requires a lot of dedication and consistency for your blog to gain momentum. It will take a lot of patience to make money monetizing your blog since you have to build your own audience from scratch.

You can include advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content to start earning from your blog.

First of all you need to select a niche and start writing content on your niche, promote your post on social media, engage with your readers.

Once your site starts getting consistent, considerable traffic, you can add review posts with your specific affiliate links so that you can earn whenever someone clicks on it.

Remember you can’t get overnight success from your blog, you need to be consistent and have some patience to get good money from blogging.

By becoming a copywriter

Becoming a copywriter is a long term career option. If you are looking for how to make money writing then it is a good option.

Before going into details let’s have a look at what is copywriting?

It’s like creating written content for a bussiness like writing sales description, sales copy and also emails which are used for marketing and promotional materials. As a copywriter, your content will be seen by the client, or staff members within the company. This should reflect your brand identity.

Copywriting skills takes years to develop by lot of practice and learning. A copywriter writes content for a variety of assets including webpages, ads, social media posts, billboards, posters, etc.

As a copywriter you need to know your audience first, you need to write content how your product is the best available than your competitors product, be clear, revise and rewrite whenever necessary.

Try to contribute to a number of publications with a range of audiences if you want to be a copywriter. You can also make your portfolio as versatile and diverse as possible.

Write a Book or self-publish your book

Writing a book is not a easy task and also it takes time. But it is possible to do so.

You can write a book on short stories, poems to fictional novels. You can also write some advice guides for students. You may want to go down the route of finding a writing agent and getting a publishing deal but there are options where you can self publish your book.

You can use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing for publishing your ebook and it is one of the way to earn passive income. It is one of the good way to publish your book and start earning cash quickly.

But there is competition with a lot of authors in your genre, so it is better to build your audience via blogging, youtube, email marketing and marketing your book to them.

How to make money writing social media content

Now companies and businesses are hiring for social media management. Social media content range from writing engaging posts, crafting engaging Instagram captions, tweets and running campaigns.

To do this you can reach out to small businesses directly or you can use freelancing sites like fiverr, upwork, etc to find clients.

Write script for video creators

You can partner with video creators to write scripts for them if you know scripting technically. As now a days video content is exploding, it is the right time to add script writing in your resume. Most of the video creators hire for script writing as they may not have good writing skills.

You can reach out to video creators as they may hire you for script writing or else you can make a gig in this field as there are plenty of gigs available in script writing.

How to make money writing on medium

Writing on medium is a good idea for beginners those who are learning to write. You may not get a good source of income by writing in medium but it can be a side income for you.

Most of the people write about their life stories that others are interested to read on medium. You can get paid by medium partner program but the payment is less. Only 9% writers could make 100$ per month.

Writing on medium is easy to start but you have to write interesting articles that can draw the attention of large number of people.

Become a technical writer

Technical writing is not that easy task. You need to have extensive knowledge about the field you are writing for.

The common task of technical writers include writing instruction manual, reports, case studies, installation documents. If you have good knowledge and clear understanding on this field then you can earn from it. As a technical writer you need to know about complex information and break down into easy understandable content.

You may need a certification course on technical writing and once you are comfortable to work with technical information then it’s a great career option to go.

Earn money as a ghostwriter

As a ghostwriter, you are required to write stories, journals, speeches for others without being publicly credited as the author. If you are okay for working for someone else as a ghost writer then you can earn money.

Your client includes small business owners, newbie author, etc. It is a type of freelance content writing. First of all you should find a niche then should make a portfolio that reflects your services that you offer.

Earn for Guest Blogging

Getting paid for guest blogging is one of the fast and easiest way to make money. There are hundreds of blogs those who pay for guest blogging. Guest blogging is nothing but writing for others blog i.e when you have your blog post on someone else blog.

You can search in google to help you out get more ideas on guest blogging. Once you search the site, then you can email the owner. If the owner accepts your style of writing then if may tell you about the payment process. Some blogs pay for traffic, if your post gets a lot of traffic then you will be paid for that.

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