Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in India : Best Guide 2023

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Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online provided that you should have enough traffic. There are many types of Affiliate Marketing in India such as Amazon,Myntra, Flipkart,etc. Among them affiliate marketing with amazon & flipkart affiliate marketing & myntra affiliate program are most common.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program refers to the process of earning a commission through the promotion and selling of different products available on Flipkart. All you need is decent traffic on your website along with a bank account. The Flipkart Affiliate Program offers you a decent amount of Flipkart affiliate commission that ranges up to 25000 to 80000 per month, as per current statistics. So let’s discuss in detail about Flipkart affiliate marketing program and flipkart affiliate app.

What is the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing ?

affiliate marketing

Flipkart affiliate program works in the same manner as other affiliate programs i.e the affiliate partner helps flipkart to drive sales and in return you will be rewarded by Flipkart in form of a commission.

There are a wide range of products on Flipkart. When you sell a product, you get a commission out of Flipkart profit. The commission varies on the category of product you manage to sell on Flipkart.

Flipkart commission varies from 1% to 18% depending on the product. Products are ranging from electronics, home décor, fashion, gaming, and baby care to automobiles, sports, and books.

Why to choose Flipkart Affiliate Marketing program in India?

  • Internally developed Technology

Flipkart Technology is internally developed. That means they have better understanding of the publishers requirements.

There are several affiliate tools and widgets that are integrated into the affiliate panel. This makes marketing an easy process.

  • Wide range of products to choose from

Flipkart has excellent traffic on their website by selling a wide range of diverse products. Affiliate marketers have the option to choose from wide range of products. It has a variety of products like electronic gadgets, apparel section for men, women and kids, etc. This also allows you to specialize in many products at the same time. By which you can have maximum commission.

  • High conversion rate

Flipkart has high conversion rate as it offers a range of high quality brand. These rates are best in the country. On time delivery, high quality products at a reasonable price leads to high conversion rate.

  • Affiliate Panel

Flipkart have an informative and trustworthy affiliate panel. The affiliate payments are never an issue as they are made on time. The account of affiliate companies are managed by expert professionals.

  • Real time reports and Analysis

Flipkart provides real time reports that gives a clear idea about your leads and conversions. These reports helps in tracking the activity of your link and also helps in knowing the conversions and performance.

Eligibility to join affiliate marketing at Flipkart

The first thing to join a Flipkart affiliate marketing program is to have a website or an app. Having a pan card is also mandatory. In case you are choosing electronic fund transfer(EFT) method for cash withdrawl then you have to give cancelled cheque and your bank account details.

But if you are choosing electronic gift voucher(EVG) method for cash withdrawl then you have to give your address proof.

How does Affiliate Marketing in Flipkart works?

Joining Flipkart affiliate marketing program directly was paused from May 2018 but recently Flipkart started a waiting list to join Flipkart affiliate program. You can fill the form if you are interested in joining the Flipkart affiliate marketing program directly unless you can do Flipkart affiliate marketing with the help of any affiliate network.

All you have to do is refer people from your website to Flipkart. Whenever people follow your reference and links, you earn a commission out of it.

Steps to start the Affiliate marketing with Flipkart  

  1. You can do Flipkart affiliate marketing directly or through any affiliate network like EarnKaro, Cuelinks etc.
  2. Create a Flipkart affiliate account directly or join an affiliate network
  3. Select your niche
  4. Publish high-quality posts
  5. Create an affiliate link of Flipkart product
  6. Promote the blog posts
  7. Whenever anyone purchase from your link, you will get a commission.
  8. Commission get confirmed once the return date is over.

Flipkart affiliate marketing commission

Flipkart affiliate commission structure varies between 1% to 18% and it changes regularly. If you have joined through any affiliate networks then you can check the affiliate commission chart with them. You can earn up to 18% commission per sale by doing flipkart affiliate marketing .

Here is the details of the commission structure:

  1. Home (Home Decor, Home Furnishing, Home Improvement, Household Supplies, Kitchen & Dining, Kitchen, Cookware, Pet Supplies,Tools & Hardware) : 6%
  2. Furniture (Bed, Sofa, Shoe Cabinet, Bookshelf, Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards, Bean Bag, Stool, TV Mount, Coffee Table, Office Study table etc..) : 10%
  3. Electronic Devices & Accessories (Audio, IOT, Storage, Mobile Protection, Power bank, Rest of Mobile Accessories, Personal Health Care, Camera, Gaming & Tablet, Laptop & Desktop) : 6%
  4. Fashion & Lifestyle Categories (Bags, Wallets & Belts, Clothing, Eyewear, Footwear, Kids Accessories, Sunglasses, Watches, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Kids’ Clothing, Women’s Footwear, Kids’ & Infant Footwear, Men’s Footwear, Women Ethnic Wear, Women Western Wear, Women Lingerie, Sleep & Swimwear, Women Sports & Gym Wear, Women Accessories, Maternity Wear, Men Accessories & Artificial Jewellery) : 15%
  5. Books & General Merchandise (Auto Accessory, Toys, Personal Care, Books & Media, Baby Care, Sports) : 10%
  6. Large Appliances ( Television, Refrigerators, Washing Machines & Air Conditioner) : 4%
  7. Small Home Appliances( Air Cooler, Fan, Geyser, Room Heater, Hand Blender, Electric Cooker, Mixer Grinder, Electric Kettle, Microwave etc..) : 15%
  8. Mobile phones in general: 1.1%
  9. Gemstones, Gold and Silver coins: 0.1%

Requirements for Flipkart Affiliate registration

There are certain requirements to register in the Flipkart affiliate program like amazon affiliate registration and earn commission. These are the following:

  1. You need to have a website.
  2. You should have a PAN card and it is mandatory.
  3. You should also have Bank account details and Address documentation.

How to get paid in the Flipkart affiliate program

There are two payment methods in which affiliates receive payment.

Electronic Fund Transfer(EFT)

If affiliates select payment via EFT, Flipkart will accrue and withhold referral fees until the total amount due is at least Rs 5000

eGift Voucher

If affiliates select payment via gift voucher, Flipkart will accrue and withhold referral fees until the total amount due is at least Rs 2500

Affiliates are only paid if the product is not cancelled or returned during the 30 days period.

Why choose the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Commission rate is higher

Flipkart strives to help its affiliate marketers with the maximum percentage of commission for every product category. Flipkart affiliate commission ranges from 1% upto 18% commission on the various products that are on sale on the site.

Wide Variety of Products

Flipkart offers a wide variety of products starting from clothing, electronics items, mobile phones, etc. Every affiliate can find an item that is relative to the content on his website. Flipkart provides you with the opportunity to specialize in many products at the same time to earn maximum commission.

It is cost effective

Affiliates do not have to spend money to join the Flipkart affiliate program. Only they need to spend their time and effort. It’s highly rewarding without any investment.

Higher conversion rate than other affiliate networks

There is always a better scope of revenue generation with Flipkart. The product’s premium quality offers better and high conversion rates, eventually.

Dedicated affiliate panel with powerful tools

Flipkart offers a dedicated affiliate panel that provides the ample information needed. They are well reputed for releasing timely payments. The working team of Flipkart holds expertise in their active pattern of managing the accounts.

How to do Flipkart Affiliate Marketing?

  1. Register with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

To start Flipkart Affiliate Marketing, you need to first register for Flipkart affiliate account. Then you need to fill the registration form. After that you need to give your mobile number and email id. Confirm your email id and mobile number using OTP.

After filling up the details, you need to read the terms and conditions and click on the register.

You will get a tracking Id once the registration is complete. You can get earning from Flipkart if someone clicks on this tracking Id to buy a product.

  • Set up Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Account

After opening the account, you need to upload certain necessary documents. You need to fill up the necessary details to start earning. You need to give all the details in this section like your name, number, country, and address.

People having a website can click on the website details section and give their URL. People who want to promote the products through the app will give their app store link.

After that you need to choose your method of payment. You have to mention your PAN CARD details.

  • Select a niche

In affiliate marketing your efforts depend on the niche that you select. But it is best to go with a micro niche. Choose a niche as per your passion and or the topic on which you have knowledge.

  • Create Affiliate Links

You have to go to the Flipkart dashboard to create the affiliate link. After Flipkart affiliate marketing login, Just go to the product page, select the product which you want to promote, copy its URL and paste that into the affiliate tool generator. Select GO and generate your affiliate link. The affiliate links should be placed on your blogs or videos to promote a particular product. 

  • Publish High quality Posts & promote them

Publishing high quality content in your blog is highly essential. You blog post should provide some value to the audience and stand apart in the competition.

Conduct a thorough keyword research and look what your competitors are doing and also add good images to your content.

The most important part is to promote your blogs and to do that you have to promote them on social media. Quora marketing is also highly effective. You can answer their question in your blog. This in turn will drive traffic.

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