Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers(2022) – the best guide

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affiliate marketing for bloggers
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Blogging is not a passion now a days rather it turned out to be one of the successful platform where people share knowledge, skills, etc. It also provides a great income whether it may be your primary income source or a side income source. In the recent times it has now evolved as a great marketing method for all types of businesses whether small, medium or large.

If you want to earn from your Blog, then the best way to do so is through Affiliate Marketing for bloggers. It only requires a little bit of time and effort from your side.

Let’s discuss in this article about affiliate marketing for bloggers. You will come to know how you can make a good passive income source by using affiliate marketing on your blog and can earn an amount that you desire. So let’s start.

Affiliate marketing for Bloggers

We have discussed a lot about Affiliate marketing in our previous articles. But before going in details into the topic “Affiliate marketing for Bloggers” lets have a quick look what is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is nothing but to sell others products or services and when the customers buy it you get a commission out of it.

Here the blogger is the affiliate who sells the sellers product to the audience. They provide an affiliate link and when the reader clicks on your link or purchase the product, the blogger gets a commission for selling the sellers product.

So now the question arises how we will get the affiliate link for the product. The answer is simple i.e we have to join any affiliate program.

What is an Affiliate program?

As discussed in our earlier articles, an affiliate program is nothing but an automated electronic program that is used to create an agreement between the affiliate and the merchant. The ad in affiliate programs is linked to company websites and is called an affiliate link.

Affiliates generally have to apply for the affiliate program. It costs nothing to join an affiliate program. Affiliates decide within their affiliate programs which ads they’re going to place on their websites. Affiliate programs are considered the least expensive online advertising tool by which the merchant can drive traffic to their website.

If you’re an affiliate, the more people you attract and direct to the merchant website, the more you can earn.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing for bloggers?

Affiliate marketing is beneficial both for the blogger and the merchant. This makes you think like a professional blogger and this is a right way to monetize your blog.

After joining any affiliate program, you can start marketing the merchant’s products. You can also start earning.

By using affiliate marketing you can know in which products your customers are interested. This gives you the advantage of writing about the same product. Affiliate marketing is a very good passive earning source. You can earn always from your blog even if you don’t have anything to produce at that time.

For merchants it is one of the least expensive marketing or advertising tool. There is no need to invest much in ads rather their affiliate takes care of their marketing.

In this type of marketing model companies only have to pay commission to their affiliate and the affiliate takes care of the marketing. There is no need of more investment on advertisement. They can target their traffic as per their product by selecting the right affiliate. This is highly beneficial for small and medium businesses those who don’t want to spend much in marketing their products.

How to get started with affiliate marketing for Bloggers?

As a blogger you have to follow certain steps to become an affiliate marketer.

First of all you have to start a blog and choose your niche. As a beginner you should focus on your blog. If you don’t have a blog yet then start creating a blog website for you. It is better if you invest on your blog.

Then you should pick a niche on which topic you are interested and audience are also interested to read.

Once your blog is ready and you want to start affiliate marketing, the best way is to create affiliate link and to add the affiliate links to the article in your blog that are popular.

For getting the affiliate link you have to join an affiliate program. Choosing an affiliate program depends on your level of expertise. You could then check out their program and see how affiliate referrals work, how much they pay, when they pay, etc. As a beginner you should choose a low paying high volume program which is not as competitive as the higher paying ones. You can join as many different affiliate programs as you want through this method.   

Where to add your affiliate links?

Creating a blog is easy but adding affiliate links to the right place on the blog is bit difficult. You have to add the link in the right place on your post so that you can get maximum clicks. So make sure to place the affiliate link at a place on your post where people will see and click on it.

The best way to generate clicks is through review articles. You can also write posts on educating the customers in the article and finding a solution through the affiliate link. So that they can easily click through the affiliate link.

You can add affiliate links on your emails too. Emails allows you to develop a better connection with your audience. The people on your email list knows you best and trusts you more, which means they will be more likely to purchase from you. Your email can tell them about your latest blog post. It can also promote any coupons that you’re offering.


To get a good passive income you should do affiliate marketing as it is one of the easiest way. I hope this article has helped you learn something useful. So now it’s the time to implement this article TODAY. Thanks for reading this article and do write us in the comment section below if you like this article.

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