Best Website Builders In India(2024) : Pricing, Pros and Cons

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Your business will not sustain without online presence. Online presence gives your brand more visibility and helps in growing your business. Then you need to create a professional website. You can construct your website yourself without the help of developers. This is possible due to website builders. So now what are website builders?

Website builders can help you build your website easily without the help of developers. There are a number of website builders but finding the right solution for you is a bit tricky for beginners.

best website builders in India

In this article we will discuss about the best website builders in India. The best website builders will provide you with tools and plugins that will help you make your website look professional.

So, let’s check out what is a website builder and some of the best website builder in India & website builder India price.

What is a Website Builder?

Website builder is an application that allows you to design your website without writing any code. That means it has a lot of features that allow you to construct your website without the help of any software developer.

You can choose from a wide range of templates and customize them using the drag and drop features of your website builder software.

You can choose from free to paid website builders as per your budget and your business needs. Using free website builders, you can create a personal blog.

Best Website Builders in India

There are many online website builders through which you can build a professional website. Here is a list of some of the best top 10 website builders in India along with the features which will help you in deciding before you choose an option.


WordPress is one of the best free website builder platforms. More than 43% of the websites are powered by WordPress.

This open-source website builder has maximum control over your website due to its powerful features and ease of use. This also gives maximum privacy as it gives you full ownership of your website.

It is used by bloggers and small businesses for growing their business as it has a number of plugins with infinite possibilities.


Here are some of the key features:

1. There are a number of customizable themes which can attract more visitors to your website.

2. You can also add social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, etc to attract more visitors to your website.

3. The most important part is that, it comes with SEO tools and built in sitemaps to optimize your website.

4. It comes with a lot of features and for every feature that is not in WordPress core there is a plugin directory with lot of plugins. These plugins are easy to install and you can use them to expand your business.

5. WordPress is available in more than 70 languages. If you want to use any language other than English then you can take the advantage of it.


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WordPress free plan is limited and the personal plan starts at Rs 160 per month billed annually, the premium plan is Rs 280 per month billed yearly.

To build professional websites you need the business plan at Rs 640 per month billed yearly or their e-commerce plan at Rs 1152 per month billed yearly.


1. WordPress gives you complete control of your website. You can move your website to any web hosting you want.

2. It gives you access to a number of plugins and add-ons to extend and manage your website.

3. There are thousands of website designs to choose from. So, it becomes easy to build your unique site.


You have to take business plan to install custom plugins or themes.


Shopify is a Canadian multinational eCommerce website builders designed for online stores and eCommerce websites in around 175 countries. This is one of the best eCommerce website builders in India. Around 4.4% of websites are using Shopify to build their eCommerce websites.


1. There are more than 70 top-notch themes which you can use to build your website.

2. There are many useful integrations for dropshipping.

3. Useful dashboard for analytics that displays traffic, sales and create reports.

4. It supports for best SEO practices thus helping you to rank higher in search engines.

5. Also, there is Shopify app for your mobile devices.


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The basic plan costs Rs 1,349 per month, Shopify plan costs Rs 5,039 per month and you can upgrade it to advanced plan which costs Rs 20,412 per month.

Shopify is a perfect option for you, if you want to build eCommerce website.


Shopify is easy to use as it is a one stop solution for creating eCommerce website. You do not have to worry for installing updates, managing the software. Also, this platform has a drag and drop tool that helps in customizing your website without going through any rigorous process.

Shopify has multiple payment options, so it becomes easier for you to process transactions from your store domain.

It supports different categories of eCommerce business from dropshipping, retailing, wholesale, etc.


Pricing is high as compared with other website builders. Also, it is difficult to move your website away from Shopify.


It is one of the robust cloud-based website builders. It offers powerful features with SEO and marketing tools to build your website.


1. It has more than 900 templates that can be edited as per your need. It also has a drag and drop editor that help you build your website flawlessly.

2. It will help you build a personal website for your business by using AI technology.

3. It helps you in creating your own SEO plan and guide you in optimizing your website for search engines.


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The connect domain plan is the basic plan and it comes with Rs 80 per month. The paid plans includes combo plan Rs 125 per month, Unlimited plan at Rs 185 per month and the VIP plan is at Rs 325 per month.

There is a 14 days trial period for all plans and they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


For website builders, you do not have to pay for hosting as it is a fully hosted platform. You can choose from more than 900 templates and also it comes with a drag and drop editor which makes it easier to build your website.

There is built in SEO tools that help you in your site ranking in search engines. Apart from this it has multilingual support and also 24/7 customer support.


Ads will be shown in free and combo plans on your website and you have to upgrade to remove these ads.

It is complicated to move your website away .

Hostinger website builder (Formerly Zyro)

Hostinger or Zyro free website builder is a powerful drag and drop and affordable website builder best for beginners. Thus, hostinger is the best option for those who are looking for cheap website builder.


1. As hostinger is optimized for WordPress, it is best choice for any website prebuilt on WordPress.

2. Hostinger can set you up with a domain name for free. This saves your maintenance and cost. It also provides SSL feature that helps to keep your data safe.


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Hostinger prices starts at Rs 69 per month for the single plan which does not include a free domain name. The premium plan at Rs 139 per month and the business plan at Rs 249 per month which comes with free domain name.


This is a drag and drop website builder, so without the knowledge of coding you can design your website. It comes with logo maker, lots of templates to choose from. You can also access 1 million high quality images.

The pricing is low as compared to other website builders, so this is suitable for beginners and small businesses. For each plan it provides new powerful features.

They also have eCommerce plan which allows you to add products, offer discount coupons, accept online payment, etc.


Hostinger does not allow template switching once you choose one.

The single plan does not provide a free domain and have limited features.


This is an easy website builder with tons of designs and features to build a website. It also has a page builder which allows you to design your website without any coding knowledge.


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Weebly has a basic free plan. Then the connect plan is at $10 per month billed annually. The pro plan is at $12 per month and the business plan is at $25 per month.


This is a fully hosted platform, so there is no need to install and manage any software.

It cones with beautiful website designs and a built-in support for eCommerce. This feature helps in creating an online store and start selling.

 Also have an auto saving feature that maintains your work progress. It also has other features like contact bar, sliders and photo galleries. By using these features you can easily add features to your website.


Weebly have limited customization options also it will show square ads on your site for both free and personal plans. To remove the ads you have to upgrade to their professional plans.


This is one of the largest domain name registrar in the world. It has more than 21 million customers. You can create professional looking websites in minutes by using the features of GoDaddy website builder.


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The GoDaddy pricing plans starts at Rs 249/month for basic plan, Rs 499/ month for standard plan, Rs 699/month for premium plan and Rs 999/month for eCommerce plan.


It has many drag and drop blocks which can be used to build different layouts. It also has an integrated photo library for professional images.

It offers social media and email marketing features and also it offers analytics reports for your customer and sales data.


GoDaddy offers basic features with fewer design options. It is difficult to move your website from GoDaddy to WordPress.

Gator by HostGator

Gator is one of the popular website builders created by HostGator trusted by millions of customers. This is a perfect website builder for small businesses.


The pricing starts at $3.84/month, $5.99/month for premium and $9.22/month for eCommerce plan. It is used to build website for small business.


This is one of the cheapest web hosting and you can choose from 200+ professional website design to build a website. By using drag and drop features you can build a professional looking website.

It also gives you access to built in stock photo library which helps in adding photos to your website.


Gator does not have a free plan and also does not offer a free trial.


BigCommerce is a popular best eCommerce website builder India. It has fully functional eCommerce building solutions and also comes with essential built-in features. You can build your eCommerce website with low cost and complexity.


It has 15 days trial period for all plans. The basic plan starts at $29.95/month per month. The plus plan comes at $79.95/month and the pro plan is at $299.95/month which has all the advanced features.

There is a 10% discount if billed annually for plus and pro plans.


You do not have to think about your website security, speed and updates as this is a fully hosted eCommerce solution.

It also has a native integration with WordPress, so you can take the advantage of the flexibility of WordPress to build your website.

It integrates with popular payment gateways like Stripe, Amazon Pay, PayPal, etc . Unlike other eCommerce website builders, it does not charge the transaction fee to use these payment gateways.

You can use the pre-made templates and customize your website. The dashboard helps you see the metrics to grow your business.


The pricing is higher for beginners as compared to other website builders.

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