How to choose a Profitable blogging niche in 2024

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Are you thinking about creating a blog? Yes, it is a great idea. This can draw millions of readers and eventually you can get the targeted profit. As today people are spending more time in the internet, creating a blog can be one of the best ideas to drive traffic and earn money through it.

So why to delay. Let’s start the blog today. But before starting the blog are you wondering which niche to choose? Decide your blogging niche looking at the competition in the market. So, in this article we will discuss in detail what is blog niche, what things to consider before deciding the niche and the types of blogging niches?how to choose a blogging niche? and the profitable blogging niche or the profitable niches for blogging.

What is Blog Niche?

Let’s see what is a blogging niche ?Blog niche is a selected topic area on which you will focus while writing your content. You can say your blog is about your niche topic.

If you are a beginner to blogging then you should think before deciding to start your blog. This will determine the future of your blog.

For a long-term success you can’t write anything that comes to your mind. Rather you should plan and decide you niche before stepping forward.

If you choose a clear topic then you can drive millions of traffic and eventually can earn money from your blog.

Now we are clear what is a blog niche. So, let’s dive into the details how to find a blog niche?

How to find your blogging niche?

How to find your niche in blogging? This question is asked by many beginners in blogging. Selecting a blog niche is a crucial part of building the foundation of your blog. So now we have to consider certain criteria before deciding the blog niche and choose the best blogging niche for beginners.

What you are passionate about? What are your skills? And on which topic traffic is interested in? So, lets discuss the ways of finding your blogging niche

Are you passionate about a particular topic?

Most of new blogs die within few days. The reason behind that is how much they are interested to write about that particular topic.

Without being passionate about a topic, it is difficult on the part of you to write content on a regular basis. Just think a moment is it possible to write content without having interest in it?

If you have to do a lot of research before writing your content, will you not get burnt out very quickly? Now the next question arises.

Can you write about a topic on which you are only passionate but don’t have good knowledge on it?

Do you have knowledge about that niche?

The best writing comes when you have prior knowledge and experience on that topic. How can you write a topic on which you don’t have knowledge and skills. Then you will end up with nothing.

Whether the traffic is interested on your topic?

It is the most important factor in deciding the blog niche. You are writing a blog to drive traffic and earn income out of it. But if the people are not interested on your topic, how can you earn money?

Some of the topics have the earning power not all. Select a topic as per people searches. Then you can earn money from your blog.

Best niche for blogging in 2022

Are you struggling to find out a suitable blog niche. Here is a list of blog niches from which you can choose to get started with blogging and can choose which is the best niche for blogging..

Travel Niches

This is one of the profitable blog niches which is competitive as well. These are a source of knowledge, guidance and help for many travellers. So, there is need of good photography in this niche. This is not an easy task but it’s worthy if you like travel writing.

This is an evergreen niche. The content is searched for all the time. Since the content is relevant for longer period of time, the return on investment is higher.

Choosing the right topic for your travel blog is crucial to get the success. Your writing should be fresh and engaging. Also write the content that will rank higher in the search engines.

It is nearly impossible to rank with the travel keyword in search engine. So, look for some sub niches like female travelling blog, travel while working, travel for a specific age group, travel deals, travel hacks, etc.

You can find keyword with the help of tools and find a good keyword which people are searching.

Lifestyle Niche  

For starting a lifestyle blog, you need to have an inspiring experience, interest to share. Research and a lot of information can’t get you that success. Mostly women are into lifestyle blogging. Most of them are also influencers.

Lifestyle bloggers show a style of way of living. They show stories that showcase interest, hobbies, etc.  

There are a lot of sub niches to choose from like ways to live life, beauty based micro niche like beauty tips, hairstyles, budget beauty hacks, home based micro niche like gardening, interior designing, trending lifestyle for specific age group, latest fashion trends, etc.

Health and wellness niche

Today health and wellness topic is in trend as obesity is growing widespread day by day. People are also concerned about a better way of living so, they search for content those can teach them a healthy way of living. This is one of the most profitable niches to go with.

Health blogging has several niches like weight loss blogs, running blogs, training blogs, healthy living blogs, herbal remedies, nutrition, meditation, better sleep, etc.


It is one of the most popular niches which most bloggers choose to start. Technology is changing every stage of our life now. So it is an evergreen niche. People are searching tech blogs to know about new technologies and how to properly implement them in their life to make it easier.

Some of them includes software reviews, mobile applications, electronic products, android products, artificial intelligence, medical technologies, etc.

Design and development

Now people are trying to show their online presence by building a website or an app. So, there is need of creating blogs on niches on how to guide them creating their websites or apps.

Some of them includes Web development, App development, ecommerce, UI/UX design, etc.

Business and Finance

Business and Finance topic are growing popular among people today. This is an evergreen blogging niche and one of the most profitable niches to start. Everyone is now concerned about money management. Audience also wants to learn how to advance their career in business. But this being a highly competitive niche, you have to be specific.

List of niches are cryptocurrency, marketing, saving for retirement, Entrepreneurship, Frugal living, Investing, make money online, reducing debt, Freelancing, building a start-up, etc.


Educational blogging niche is a good way to share your learning with people who need it. These blogs are generally maintained by teachers, students, and parents. Some bloggers provide information about educational courses, career path advice, provide online courses, and news about the current education.

Educational blogging is already a over crowded niche. So, you have to do this differently, you may follow a narrow down approach. Home schooling, classroom management, college to career preparation, online courses, study tips for students, self-employment, career advice for teachers, etc are some of the niches that you can try.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are among the most popular blogging niche. You can tell it as an intersection of passion for food, photography and storytelling. You can start a food blog if you are passionate about food.  

You can prepare your favourite food and share the whole process with your blog. Or else you can also write blogs on certain food related topics like restaurant reviews, food photography, street food, baking, meal planning for families, cooking with kids, vegan cooking, dieting tips, baby and toddler foods, baking and cooking tips, tea or coffee, etc.


This type of blog deals with all the things that are related to entertainment. Entertainment blogs are always relevant. Entertainment blogging niche are now growing in popularity due to grow in social media.

You can try out several sub niches in this. Some of them are music reviews, live music, sports, stand-up comedy, celebrity gossip, night club, musical theatre, magic, etc.


If you are a passionate gamer and have a good knowledge about the gaming industry then this is a perfect niche for you. This niche is highly competitive today.  But you can grow it if you have a strategic approach. You can target a specific group of game lovers.

These are some of the blog niche ideas for gaming. Indoor games, video games, game reviews, play station games, gaming tips and tutorials, kids’ game, etc.

Relationship Blog

Are you interested in personal topics to blog? This is a good niche. People come to these blogs for seeking help, and advice to improve their relationship.

Starting a family, single parent blog, wedding and marriage, relationship advice, etc are some of the relationship blog niches.

Family blog ideas

These consists of topics related to parenting and family tips. Mostly the targeted audience is female audience.

Family holidays, parenting tips, house and garden, house cleaning, eco friendly homes, family décor, etc are some of the niches on which you can write topics.

Social media blog ideas

Social media is popular but everyone doesn’t know how to use it. Most of the people search for blogs to know how to use social media efficiently.

Some of the social media niche ideas includes social media marketing, mastering a social network, basics of social network, how to be a social media celebrity, etc.

Pet Blogs

Do you love pets? Then it is the best blog niche for you. In pet blogs we talk about animals. You can share your passion of loving pets through a pet blog. For starting this type of blog, you should have knowledge and experience on animals.

Here are some of the pet niche ideas: Dog healthcare, dog food, pet food and nutrition, pet adoption, pet business, puppies, bird houses, specific cat breeds, aquarium care, specific fish, bird feeding, pet care, dog training, dog parenting tips, cute animal pics and memes, etc.

Make Money

Today all wants to make money so when you make a blog on money making then it will be definitely profitable. You can create an endless list of topics on this niche. This type of blog will drive traffic easily. You can focus on how to make money with different topics like how to make money online? or how to make money blogging? You can always have a good traffic source as people are always searching for quick money making scheme.

Movie and TV reviews

Entertainment is the next profitable niche. Movie and TV reviews had been a great success online. You can review the most popular shows on internet and on TV and can get a huge traffic but there is a high competition in this niche. So you have to be unique and publish great content to drive traffic.


Politics is always one of the topmost niche as it always remains on spotlight. You can easily get content to write on politics niche. You can write about the politics of your own country and about international politics. You can find a lot of daily topics to write about. You can reach a large audience and share your view points through a political blog. You can create a community of people who love to read and talk about politics through your blog. You can share news through your blog or you can use your blog to boost your own campaign.

Wedding niche blogging

Wedding blogs are gaining popularity today. You can write a wedding blog on destination wedding, wedding blog for families with kids or a wedding blog on budget conscious wedding. You can also write content on topics related to wedding like picking a perfect ring , choosing the right wedding dress or any thing that is related to wedding.

You can say it as the most profitable blogging as you can also earn a lot through affiliate marketing on these blogs.

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