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Do you want to earn money online by affiliate marketing? Then you can earn money by joining affiliate marketing programs like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra affiliate program.

Creating a Myntra affiliate program, promoting products and earning money is not so difficult today. This is one of the top fashion affiliate programs in India. In this article we will discuss in detail about Myntra affiliate marketing and how to earn money using this affiliate program.

myntra affiliate program

You can join this affiliate program and get the benefits of earning money online in India. Myntra is one of the leading fashion ecommerce platforms in India which provides the opportunity for many fashion bloggers and influencers to earn money through affiliate marketing.

So, let’s have a quick look at what is affiliate marketing? Then we will discuss in details about myntra affiliate program .

How to join Myntra affiliate program?

Do you want to earn money by joining Myntra affiliate marketing program? Yes, you can do this by joining the affiliate program and share the affiliate links on your blog or YouTube channel or in social media.

There is high potential to earn money through the India’s top fashion affiliate program i.e the Myntra Affiliate marketing. Earlier everyone can directly join Myntra affiliate marketing but now you have to join the affiliate program by joining a Myntra Affiliate alternative.

You can join through any alternative affiliate networks like EarnKaro, Admitad, Cuelinks, etc and earn money from this Affiliate Programs.

The best part is that you can join other affiliate programs like Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon from one platform.

Here is a list of some trusted networks which you can join to earn money through Myntra affiliate marketing in 2023.


You can earn by creating an account on EarnKaro and creating affiliate links from there. Here you can share fashion deals from Myntra to your friends and family. In EarnKaro you can join other affiliate programs like mamaearth. Ajio, Flipkart, etc. You can earn through every order that is placed by clicking your affiliate link. You can also refer EarnKaro and earn a commission of 10% out of it.

There is no need of any blog or website to join Myntra Affiliate Program with EarnKaro, you can share the link on social media or on WhatsApp also.

You can earn a commission of 8.5% for new user on every order placed through Myntra affiliate link and 4.25% for existing users.

You can easily withdraw your earning. Even Rs 10 can be transferred to your bank account. No documentation is required to sign up for affiliate account on EarnKaro. You can download the App or can use their official website for signing up. Only you have to give some details like your name, email address, password and mobile number.

Details of EarnKaro Affiliate

1. Profit track will be confirmed within next 90 days.

2. Profit earning are not applicable in case the user pays through Myntra credit.

3. Profit earnings are not applicable if transaction is done through Myntra app.

4. If the order is returned or exchanged then profit earning is not applicable.

5. Profit cookie duration is 30 days.

6. Only bank details are required for payment.

7. Payment duration is 6-8 days

8. Minimum withdrawal is Rs 10.

Create a Myntra profit link through EarnKaro

1. Sign up on EarnKaro

2. Copy the Myntra product share link

3. Open EarnKaro and click on Make Links and paste your Myntra link there.

4. Then click on make profit link and you will get your affiliate link.

5. You can share it on your blog or social media or WhatsApp and earn money.


You can promote your affiliate link through Admitad affiliate network. First step is to sign up in Admitad. Then you have to wait for approval till 24-72 hrs. Once the approval is done you can promote products and earn money.

If you are a new user, you can earn a commission of 7% through Admitad and if you are an existing user, you can earn a commission of 3.5%.

Admitad have a cookie duration of 30 days. You need a minimum of Rs1000 to withdraw money from Admitad account. This program hosts different payment methods like cashback services, CPA marketing and other innovative business models.

CueLinks affiliate marketing

It is one of the most trusted affiliate companies in India and you can join multiple affiliate programs from a single website. You can directly promote your affiliate links in social media, WhatsApp, etc.

First you need to sign up to cuelinks account and can get approval within 24 to 48 hrs. Then click on campaign explorer and then on Myntra. You can create the affiliate link of Myntra products easily and can earn a commission when users make purchase through your link.

The commission structure is 7.5% for new user and 3.75% for every existing user. Transactions can be tracked through mobile as well as desktop. The cookie duration is 7 days.

If people purchase through Myntra App then you will not get a commission but if they purchase through the Myntra website then you can earn a commission for every purchase. You will also not get any commission if someone pays through Myntra credit. Coupon and cashback is also forbidden. The minimum withdrawal is Rs 500.


Being one of the leading affiliate networks, you can start Myntra affiliate marketing through it. In Vcommission you have to wait for approval to start promoting the products. After getting approval, you can get profit links which you can share in your social media, blog or YouTube channel.

This network pays you 4.5% per sale for every new user and 2% for existing user if they shop through your link. You can join more than 1500 affiliate programs through Vcommission. You can also utilise Vcommission API service to import coupons and deals and publish them directly on your website.

1. Cookie duration is 30 days.

2. You need to wait for approval.

3. You can track your Myntra link within 24 hrs.

4. Validation time is 60 days

5. Cashback, Email, and social media traffic sources are allowed.


INRDeals is one of the affiliate networks through which you can do Myntra Affiliate marketing. They have their own referrals and affiliate program. First you need to register in this channel then you can get the custom link and then you can promote profit links to earn your commission.

You will get a commission of 6.3% if a new user purchase through your link and a commission of 3.15% if any existing user make a purchase through your link.

You can get the commission if the user purchase through the Myntra website by using mobile or desktop.

1. Cookie duration is 30 days

2. Payment time is 45-60 days

3. Traffic sources are cashback, Coupons, YouTube, Email.

4. Social media Ads are not allowed.

Viglink Affilaite Network

Viglink has recently being re-branded to Sovrn // Commerce. It is an excellent way to grow your earnings through your website. This is a similar type of affiliate network like Admitad and Vcommission.

You have to first sign up on the Viglink website. Then you can sign up with your google or email account. You have to get approval for promoting products but the best part is that you can get an instant approval.

1. Cookie duration is 30 days

2. You can track your links within 24 hours.

3. You can withdraw your earnings after 45 days.

4. Minimum withdrawal is Rs 1000.

Why should you join Myntra Affiliate marketing?

The most important benefit of Myntra Affiliate is that the commission is good i.e you can get 8% commission on every successful sale and also you can earn more by referring your family and friends.

Myntra is one of the leading ecommerce platforms in India and is one of the top fashion destinations in India.  It is popular for trending fashion wear. It has a wide collection of fashion items and delivery to almost every location in India. So, you can promote best national and international brand and earn a good commission.

How does affiliate Myntra work?

The user visits Myntra website through a third-party link. Then the user makes a purchase. This purchase is traced within 24-48 hrs. The sale is mostly confirmed within 45-60 days and the status is shown verified in affiliate’s account. If someone cancels the product then the transaction will be invalid.

Details about Myntra Affiliate marketing Program and myntra affiliate commission rate

Affiliate Program typeCost per sale
Joining FeeFree
Payout8.5% commission
Relationship History5 years
Payment duration6-8 days
Tracking Time1 hr of transaction
Profit confirmation90 days
Earning through referral program10%

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