8 best ways how to make money with Google

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Do you want to make money online to boost your income? Then google is your lifeline when you want to make money online. Many people became millionaires just by earning money from Google. Google is also a one stop solution for all internet users across the world and also you can earn money from Google. It requires a lot of hard work but you can make a good amount of side income if you can put a little effort.

make money online with google
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In this article we will explore the various ways how to make money with Google

Why you should make money with Google online?

Are you wondering why should you make money from Google. It’s because Google is the most visited website with a vast number of online users.

Google is the most popular search engine all over the world. There are several search engines too but nothing can replace Google. Almost 80% of users uses Google as the search engine.

Almost all entrepreneurs use Google to grow their business. If such a big company provides the opportunity to make money, then we should take the advantage. That’s why you should make money online with Google.  

Practical ways on how to make money with Google

Here are some of the ways on how to make money online with Google for free

Make money by Google AdSense

Over 2 million users across the world are using Google AdSense to make money online with Google online. This is a zero cost for click advertising strategy which can help you in getting some cash.

This allows advertisers to show advertisements on their blogs, videos, apps, etc.  advertisers in turn pay you for every click they get. You can get your payment in your bank account using your preferred payment method. You can control your ads and can find out which works best for you.

The most popular ways to use Google AdSense is to create a blog. Here are some simple steps to earn money through a blog.

  1. Start your Blog
  2. Write content and publish in your blog regularly.
  3. Apply for Google AdSense account.
  4. After getting approval from AdSense place the ads on your blog.
  5. When a visitor clicks on the AdSense ads, you can earn money.

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is the one of the most popular websites with over 30 million users. If you love making videos, then you can earn money online with Google using YouTube. This can be a perfect side hustle for you.

All you need to do is to create a YouTube channel, upload your videos and connect your YouTube channel with Google AdSense to earn money based on the advertisements put on your channel.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is very similar to Google AdSense. You can earn money indirectly and in an efficient way through Google AdWords.

You can increase your page views using Google AdWords. More visitors in turn results in more income. It also talks about the popular keywords that are searched as per latest trends. By using Google AdWords, you can target your audience i.e you can present your product or services to the audience those who are interested in it.

However, for advertisement purpose you need to pay Google Ads for the clicks that you get. So you have to create your Ad campaigns smartly by which you can convert each lead into sale. This is more suitable for experienced marketers.

Google opinion rewards

Are you interested to give your opinion to others? Then you can earn money online by sharing your thoughts. Google opinion rewards is an app that pays you for sharing your thoughts in survey.

You can download the app from play store by filling up some basic personal details. They will start sending you survey questionnaires which you have to answer. Most surveys will pay you upto 1$ for each surveys completed.

You can earn a very small amount which may be enough to pay your utility bills.

Creating and selling Apps on Google play

Do you love coding and creating new Apps? Then you can earn money by putting it in Google Play Store. You can make an App, list it on Google and make a profit out of it.

Simply you have to set up a merchant account with Google wallet and then you can publish the App as a paid App.

You can also include Google AdWords in your App and can make extra money. This can only be possible after your App gets popular.

Selling book on Google play

Google play book partner program allows you to join and sell your

e-book. But a limited number of publishers are accepted.

Books in PDF or EPUB formats are both accepted. Google is responsible for hosting and sales of your book. You will get paid for each sale and will also get the sales report.

How to earn money from Google Maps

Google maps not only helps to find the location but it also helps to make money online with Google. You can earn money from Google Maps through various ways:

By giving location reviews: Post the reviews of the places you visit. This review is very important for Google. So you can earn with less effort.

Post photos: You can click a lot of good photographs when you visit some places and tag them to the location.

Initially earning comes gradually. With improvement of your work, you can get big profits.

Starting a Podcast

Podcasting is one of the best ways to start earning money with Google.

You can select a topic about which you are passionate and a large audience. Then you need to decide on the format of your show i.e whether there will be routine guests on your show where they answer the questions or in some shows you can interview people on regular basis.

After deciding the format, you can start recording and editing your podcast episodes. Then you can submit your shows on Google play music.

You can monetize your podcast including partnering with advertisers and using affiliate marketing.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to start earning with Google. If you have your own websites that sell Ads then you can earn huge profits through Google.

So why not to start earning money with Google?

How to earn money online with google for students?

Creating a YouTube channel of your own and answering surveys to get Google opinion rewards are a means to earn money online from Google for students.

How to make money with Google chrome?

There are a number of ways to make money from chrome extensions:

paid features, Affiliate marketing, Advertisement, Promote your main product

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