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facebook affiliate marketing

Want to do affiliate marketing with the world’s largest social media platform?

So, why not dive into the affiliate marketing world with Facebook and you can earn a few bucks.

With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook has become a right place for affiliate marketers to start their Facebook affiliate marketing. There are multiple options to do affiliate business on Facebook.

Here in this article, we will discuss how we will be using Facebook for affiliate marketing, the different practices that can help you to level up your Facebook affiliate marketing business.

So, let’s get started.

What is Facebook Affiliate Marketing?

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Do you know how to get started with your Facebook affiliate marketing?

You can leverage the power of Facebook to drive traffic to your website by creating a business page or by creating a Facebook group for your clients.

With billions of people accessing the site every month, it is an opportunity for you to take the advantage and create a Facebook group to reach your target audience.

Of course it may take several years to get a full-time income with affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Do you want to grow your affiliate business with one of the world’s largest social media platforms? Then here are some of the best practices to grow your affiliate marketing on Facebookbusiness.

Let’s dive in.

A step-by-step guide on how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook

Here is a list of ways on how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook:

Create a Facebook page


This is one of the wonderful ways to do affiliate marketing on Facebook.

Just click on this link and create the page by filling up the details. Before filling up the details you need to be familiar with the page, click on all the menu options and then fill in the details.

Here you can share your photos, videos, and content with your audience. This way you can keep your audience updated with your latest content.

But this option is good if you have a website. This helps you in updating your audience with the latest updates. But creating a page only for the sake of affiliate marketing does not make sense. Instead, you can create a Facebook group. People interact less on a page as compared to a group.

But this all depends on your niche. Some niches perform better in pages rather than in groups. You can search on Facebook on related pages in your niche and then can take the decision whether creating a page is worth it or not.

Create a Facebook Group

Just like you post your affiliate links on your website content, like that also you can post affiliate links on your posts in your Facebook group. Creating groups is the best way to find your target audience.

You can first select the right niche to start a group. Then you can start a group with a few of your friends and you can grow from there. You should not directly post the affiliate links on the group but instead you can promote the affiliate link indirectly. Try to post useful content so that people will have trust in you and they can click on your affiliate link that you can embed on your post.

As a group admin you can also pin a post with affiliate link in the post. This way the post stays on the top and nobody can ban you also.

But only posting affiliate links does not make sense, you must provide value to your audience too. And it takes time and effort to build a Facebook group with your target audience and create engagement with them.

Facebook Ads

This is another great way to promote your affiliate link on Facebook. These Ads have a great impact on your visibility and increase in your affiliate sales.

For doing this you need not have a lot of followers nor does Facebook have any strict guidelines to follow for running an Ad in Facebook. It also provides you with many targeting options like demographics, behavior, etc.

There is no need of building a page or a Group rather you can reach your target audience directly through the Ads.

You are allowed to promote your affiliate link on your Ads directly on Facebook. But you should check that your affiliate program allows promotion of affiliate links through Facebook. But Facebook Ads are powerful when they are used along with a website. But you can still do Facebook affiliate marketing through Facebook Ads without a website. And the choice is yours.

Tips to become affiliate marketer on Facebook

Here is a list of some of the tips to become a successful affiliate marketer with Facebook.

Affiliate marketing disclaimers

You must include an affiliate disclaimer on your Facebook posts and Facebook Ads containing an affiliate link.

This statement informs your users that you are an affiliate marketer and you are being paid for promoting those products. By this you can gain the trust of your users and this shows your transparency while you are promoting a product and in return getting a commission for that.

Interact with your audience

To increase your affiliate sales, first you need to create a good interaction with your audience. This can be done by sticking to your posting schedule, try to post regularly and the most important point is that you do not include affiliate links every time in your posts. This way Facebook might also block your page.

Make most of your posts informative and a few of them marketing your affiliate link. This way your audience will not get bored and also you can easily promote your affiliate link and drive maximum sales.

Remember to always respond to the comments on your posts. This way you can establish a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

You can organize contests

You can expand your fan base by running a contest on your Facebook page. You can also ask them to sign up to your newsletter to join the contest and you can reward them as per their needs. This way can also help you in growing your email subscribers.

Check your Facebook page insights

Facebook insights provides information about the performance of your Facebook page. By regularly checking the insights of your page you can know if there is anything else to improve. You can also know how your audience is interacting with your page and also you can monitor audience actions on your page.

Include relevant hashtags

By using specific hashtags, you can target a specific audience. You should use hashtags that are relevant to your content. Using your hashtags people can easily find your posts and you can increase your reach.

People may also advertise your page on your behalf if you use the hashtag strategically.

Why should you choose affiliate marketing on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the best platforms to do affiliate marketing. Here is a list of reasons :

Large customer base : Facebook has billions of users with whom you can easily market your offers. You can promote your affiliate products and earn good commission as these users have a higher earning and spending potential.

Marketing tools : Facebook provides you with a lot of tools and features to market your products. This includes Ad campaigns, different types of posts. This also gives detailed analytics of your audience behavior in the insights of the page. These facilities are available on Facebook, so it stands out from other social media platforms.

Page Insights : Facebook provides the page owners and group admins with analytics. This page insights helps to track the performance of the posts and the page. Thereby helping them to create content and promoting their posts more effectively.

Facebook Affiliate marketing with Amazon

Amazon being an online retail giant provides opportunity for many affiliate marketers to earn a good commission by driving sales to millions of products.

But do you know Amazon does not allow affiliates to promote the Facebook posts containing affiliate links.

This means you can add affiliate links to your Facebook post but you are not allowed to boost that post with Facebook Ads. If you are caught then you will be banned from the affiliate program.

The only way is to create a blog post and include affiliate links in the content and you can advertise it using the Facebook Ads.

Using ClickBank affiliate network on Facebook

ClickBank having an extensive affiliate network stands out by giving a commission rate up to 75% and is favorite among most affiliate marketers.

But you can’t promote ClickBank affiliate links on your Facebook posts and Ads. Link cloaking also does not work.

So now the question arises how can you take advantage of ClickBank with Facebook?

The only way you can do is like Amazon where you have to write a blog post. Then you can embed your affiliate link on the content of your blog post and you can promote the post on Facebook.

Wrapping Up

Facebook being one of the trustworthy social media platforms and one of the biggest social media platforms provides you with an excellent platform to grow your affiliate business.

But for that you have to create engagement with your audience and provide them with valuable posts. Also, you should take advantage of Facebook Ads to grow faster. Build a strong relationship with your audience. These all can help you in earning a good amount by Facebook affiliate marketing.


Does Facebook do affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook. With over 3 billion users, it is one of the best social media platforms to do affiliate marketing. You can find target audience in your niche and can promote your products in your posts and Ads to increase your sales.

How do I get affiliate marketing on Facebook?

To get the best out of Facebook affiliate marketing you need to:

1. Create a Facebook group or page

2. Give quality content and attract likes and comments from your audience.

3. Promote your posts with the help of Facebook Ads

4. Build good relationship with your followers.