How To Leverage The Fiverr Affiliate Program To Earn $1000 per month

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fiverr affiliate program

Fiverr is considered as one of the best freelancing services to earn money online and it has an affiliate program by which you can make money online.

Does Fiverr have an affiliate program ? But do you think the Fiverr affiliate program is worth it? Do you know about the Fiverr referral program? Can an affiliate marketer make good commission with this affiliate program?

Do you want the answer to these questions? Then you are at the right place.

In this article we will discuss this affiliate program in detail. We will have a look at the sign-up process and also discuss how to promote this affiliate program.

So, let’s get started.

What is the Fiverr Affiliates Program?

As we know Fiverr is one of the leading freelancing service providers and you can buy every single service for as low as $5. It also provides an affiliate program which pays the affiliate their commission whenever they refer their services.

So why can’t we take advantage of the popularity of Fiverr to generate affiliate commissions?

There is no need for any skill to start affiliate marketing with Fiverr. Only you need to be an approved Fiverr affiliate to promote any service.

So, let’s check out how it works?

How to Join?

You can get the benefits of this affiliate program by creating an account and this process is very easy.

Go to Fiverr Affiliates Sign up page

First you need to sign up by clicking on the sign-up button on the homepage. Then you need to fill in some details like name, email address, username, set a strong password, give your country details and phone number and click on next.

Tell about Yourself

In this page you have to answer how you will promote your Fiverr services and about your audience interest. At last, you have to agree to their terms and privacy and click on “Register Now”.

After completing the sign-up process, you can login to your new account. The best part is that there is no approval process. So, as soon as you login you can start promoting their services.

How does this affiliate program work?

Fiverr affiliates are paid for the first-time purchase of the new user.

It means if a new user who does not have a Fiverr account earlier clicks and makes a purchase through your affiliate link then the affiliate will get the commission. And if he clicks the affiliate link but purchases using his earlier account then the affiliate will not get the commission.

So now let’s discuss the commission structure of this affiliate program.

Commission Structure

Fiverr offers its affiliates commission based on the below plans:

1. Fiverr CPA plan

2. Fiverr Hybrid plan

CPA affiliate commission of Fiverr

Fiverr has set a commission ranging between $15 to $150. This depends on what category the buyer purchases from.

This is applicable for each first-time buyer. If a buyer clicks on your affiliate link and places an order for the 1st time then you will be given a fixed commission depending on the category of services.

Here is a list of categories and the commission structure:

1. $150 : Fiverr Pro

2. $50   : Industrial and product design, Data science, Mobile  Apps, Website development.

3. $40   : Website builders & CMS, Lyric and music videos, data processing, Architecture and Interior design, Game development, Website design. 

4. $30   : E-Commerce product videos, 3D product animation, Logomaker, SEO, T-shirts and merchandise, Research and  summaries, Proofreading and Editing, Business  consulting, Financial consulting.

5. $25   : Illustration, gaming, Articles and Blog posts, Video marketing and social media marketing, resume writing, short video Ads and voice over.

6. $15   : All other categories

Fiverr Hybrid Plan

This is a combination of CPA and revenue share. You will receive a $10 CPA for the first-time purchase. Also 10% RevShare for 12 months. This depends on the purchase of your potential buyer. Your earning increases with the buyer’s purchase.

Cookie Duration

The cookie duration is 30 days from the first click. This means if a user clicks on the affiliate link then you can get the commission as long as the user is registered with Fiverr within 30 days.

Payment Options

The payment threshold of the Fiverr affiliate program is $100. After reaching this amount, you can withdraw by different payment methods.

For monthly commissions under $1,000 – PayPal / Payoneer

For monthly commission over $1,000 – Wire Transfer

If listed as a private account, then you can claim payment request from the dashboard. For company accounts you have to upload your own invoice for the payment request.

Commissions are paid once a month after receiving your invoice.

How to make money with this affiliate program?

Now let’s check out how to promote the Fiverr affiliate program and make a decent earning out of it. Here are a number of ways to do so.

Create a Guide about your niche

If you have a website or a blog, then you can write a post about your niche then you can insert your affiliate link i.e the link of your recommended Fiverr freelancer that specializes in that topic.

Creating these guides are beneficial as you can add the affiliate link for various services and this in turn increases your chances of someone buying through your affiliate link.

Create review content

Fiverr only pays for buyers who are first time buyers. People who search for Fiverr reviews are already ready to buy, just they want to check out their ideas by reading an honest review.

You can create a review content on freelancing services and introduce this to readers who are new to Fiverr and want to learn from it. By writing reviews you can attract the buyers to click on your affiliate link. They are the perfect candidate to click on your affiliate link.

Promote your affiliate link on Facebook Groups

There are more than 200 digital categories that are available in Fiverr to promote. There are a number of targeted groups on Facebook in these categories.

Do not spam these groups with your affiliate link. Rather you can post valuable information and answers and can attach your affiliate link on that as a recommendation.

You can type a keyword which is related to your affiliate link and can find a number of Facebook Groups. Here you can post and share your affiliate link.

Add banner Ads on your website

This is one of the easiest ways to promote Fiverr.

Adding banners on the widgets, between the blog post and header of your website can help in attracting more customers. And the target customers will click and you can earn a good amount.

Promote on Quora

You can take advantage of Quora as it is one of the biggest Q&A sites. You can find questions related to the Fiverr affiliate program on Quora and write answers with all information. Then you can link on your answers about your post on your blog. This post may be about Fiverr affiliate program review or about the services.

Do not mention the affiliate link directly on Quora as it is forbidden to use affiliate links.

Start Email marketing

It is another great way of promoting Fiverr among potential customers.

After building your email list you can send email campaigns promoting your Fiverr services with your affiliate link inserted in it.

Start a YouTube channel

You can start a YouTube channel and it is very easy to start if you have a phone or a camera. Then you can start talking about various Fiverr services and can include an affiliate link in the description of the video. This is a great way to promote the affiliate link as video content has more reach.

Pros and Cons of Fiverr Affiliate Program

If you are planning to start affiliate marketing with Fiverr, then here is a list of the pros and cons of this affiliate program. You can take a quick look at this.


1. It offers a wide range of services to promote, so there is a wide range to choose from. Also, as per Google trends Fiverr has more search intent as compared to other freelancer sites.

2. Has an excellent commission structure.

3. Great support is available for their affiliates and available 24/7.

4. The Fiverr homepage is optimized for clicks and sales.

5. There are a number of payment options to their affiliates.


1. Commission is only earned for first time buyers. You do not earn commission for existing customers.

2. There is no choice of payment options for high earning Fiverr affiliates.

3. Affiliate payment threshold is pretty high as you can only withdraw after you earn more than $100.

What is the Fiverr referral Program?

Now we have already discussed about this affiliate program so now let’s have a quick look on the Fiverr referral program.

By using the Fiverr referral program, you can earn rewards for yourself and also your friends. You need not sign-up to the Fiverr affiliate program for this. All that is needed is that you have an account in Fiverr. You have to login to your account. Once logged in, click on username and then click on invite friends. And you can earn up to $100. You can earn 10% of the first order amount and your friend for signing up to Fiverr gets 10% of their first purchase.

The best part is that without doing much you can earn up to $100 for each referral.

Wrapping Up

Is affiliate marketing with Fiverr worth it?

The answer depends on the type of services you promote. The commission range varies between $15 to $150. Also, it is easy to get started and also has a lot of payment options.

In Spite of having a few drawbacks as we have discussed earlier in this article, this is the best option for those who want flexibility.

How much do Fiverr affiliates make?

As a Fiverr affiliate, you can earn from $15 to $150 depending on the services you promote for every first time buyer you refer. There is no limit on the earning of this affiliate program. This all depends on the number of buyers you refer.

Is Fiverr a good affiliate program?

Yes, Fiverr affiliate is a good affiliate program. It is very easy and the commission structure is high. Also, they provide good affiliate support of 24/7. It also has a wide range of services to promote, so there is a wide range to choose from.

How do you become a Fiverr affiliate?

Becoming a Fiverr affiliate is very easy. You need to sign up by filling the sign-up form. The process is straight forward. After login you can start affiliate marketing with Fiverr. 

Does Fiverr affiliate pay per clicks?

Fiverr does not have a pay per click affiliate program. In this affiliate program you get a fixed amount of commission of $15-$150 for every new buyer you refer. This depends on the type of services.

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