Jasper Affiliate program – Earn 30% Recurring Commission

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Do you want to earn money online through Jasper Affiliate Program? Yes, you can earn a generous commission through this affiliate program.

So first let us know what is Jasper. Jarvis AI has been renamed as Jasper. It is an artificial intelligence powered copywriting tool that is used for writing blog post, social media content and many more. This helps in creating content faster and thereby increases productivity and saves time.

jasper affiliate program

In this article we will discuss in detail about this

affiliate program, how it works and how you can earn a good commission through this affiliate program.

What is Jasper Affiliate Program?

The Jasper affiliate partner program allows you to earn additional revenue by promoting Jasper and referring new users to sign up for the platform.

It is one of the highest paying affiliate programs that includes 30 % recurring commission for lifetime. As long as the customer remains a paying customer, you can get paid for referring that customer to Jasper platform.

This affiliate program is fit for the bloggers, social media influencers, content creators, YouTubers, Marketing agencies. Whenever someone joins Jasper program then a free trial is available which allows visitors to read up to 10,000 words during this trial period.

How to Sign Up for Jasper AI Affiliate Program?

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1. Join the affiliate program by visiting the application page.

2. Then you have to complete the application by filling up the required details like your name, email, website, country, password and your social media URL and the traffic.

3. Agree to their terms and conditions.

4. Click on the sign-up button and wait for the approval of your account.

After 48- 72 hrs you can get the approval from Jasper team. Then you can generate your affiliate link to get started with this affiliate program. After getting the affiliate link, you can promote the Jasper affiliate program.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link, you can start earning commission. You can make a recurring commission of 30% for a lifetime as long as the user remains a paying customer.

How to promote Jasper AI?

There are a number of ways to promote this affiliate program. You can use your website or social media or email marketing.

You have to find out ideas to earn huge commission as a Jasper affiliate. Here is a list of number of ways how to promote the Jasper AI.

Create excellent content

Create high quality content by writing reviews and showcasing the tool. You can also place affiliate banners on your website. By creating high quality content your target audience are more likely to join the affiliate program and you can earn a commission.

Video Content

Creating YouTube videos is another way of promoting the jasper platform. You can promote the platform by creating video tutorials or product reviews.

By creating high quality beneficial videos, you can attract your audience to click on your affiliate link and sign up for the platform.

Social Media

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You can use social media to target relevant audience to sign up for Jasper AI. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to share information about this tool.

You can include your affiliate link along with visuals to promote your Jasper platform. You can explain how using Jasper AI can save their time and efforts.


Build connections with digital entrepreneurs, social media influencers, bloggers and send them newsletters about Jasper AI.

Paid Ads

You can use paid Ads like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, to promote Jasper affiliate program to your target audience. You have to make eye catching Ads so that target audience will click on it to visit your website.

Also include your affiliate link so that you can earn a commission for every sign up. Before running any paid Ads take the prior permission from the Jasper team.

So now we know how to promote the affiliate link. Now let’s discuss how much you can earn by promoting the affiliate link.

How much you can earn from Jasper affiliate program?

The money you earn from this affiliate program depends on the number of target audience you can reach.

It is up to you how much effort you put the target audience. If you reach a large number of target audience then you can earn more. It also depends on how well you promote Jasper affiliate program in front of your audience.

It is a great way to earn passive income as it gives recurring income for lifetime through Jasper affiliate program.

A customer spends $79 for each subscription and you get $24 as 30% commission for every sign up. If you make 100 referrals then you get $2400 per month.

You can also get 30% recurring commission as long as your referral continues its subscription.

Jasper Affiliate Payout Terms

The minimum payout threshold is $25.

After crossing the affiliate payout rate of $25, you will have to wait a period of 30 days for refund. It means if a customer cancels his subscription within 30 days, you cannot receive commission for that sale.

After reaching the payout of $25, you can be paid on 1st week of every month. To receive your payment, you will have to add a PayPal email address and you can receive the payment on your PayPal account.

Final thought

By joining the Jasper affiliate program, you can earn 30% recurring commission as long as the referral pays for his subscription. Also, Jasper has a high conversion rate.

When you refer a new client, then he can get 10, 000 bonus credit to use with jasper AI tool and also you will get 10,000 bonus credit in your account.

With so many benefits it is highly recommendable to join this Affiliate Program.


What is Jasper AI pricing?

Jasper offers three pricing plans: Starter, Boss mode and Business Plan. The starter plan is the cheapest plan and the cost is $29/month. The pricing of Boss mode plan starts at $59/month.

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