How to Create a Micro Niche Blog in 2024

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Have you ever thought of starting blogging? Then this is the best idea to make money online. You can earn money online by blogging sitting at any corner of the world.

But as a beginner, bloggers suffer from many uncertainties like selecting the right niche. So, you should go for micro niche website. As a beginner you should choose a micro niche instead of a broad niche. So are you wondering what a micro niche blog is? and how to create a micro niche blog?

By micro niche blogging you need not have to reach a huge audience rather you can focus on a small group of people. So, it is more beginner friendly and a successful way to start your blog today. This can also make your content unique from others and you can gain more awareness among others.

It is highly essential for you to choose a correct niche before starting your website. Here in this article, we will discuss the various micro niche ideas from different industries.

First, we will discuss in detail about how to start a micro niche website and the pros and cons of selecting a micro niche for your blog.

What is a micro niche blog?

A micro niche targets a small group of people and covers a small topic of interest. These are usually small blogs with limited content. You can rank a micro niche blog on google easily and can drive traffic.

Micro niche website doesn’t earn a lot of money but it’s a easy way to earn money from your blog. Since there is little competition in these blogs and the chances of getting ranked is easier.

Difference between niche site and micro niche website?

A niche site can focus on a number of topics but a micro niche site focus on a particular topic. If you will take the example then Health Insurance can be a niche site but private health insurance for people over 60’s is a micro niche site.

Micro Niche website vs Niche Site. Which is more profitable?

This is an all-time asked question. Some bloggers say niche site is best and some have the opinion that micro niche site is best.

Both niche site and micro niche sites are good but also has some cons.

A niche site takes time to rank on search engines and also you need a lot of Backlinks to rank it. But when you are working on a micro niche website there is no need of any backlinks. It can rank easily in search engines.

However, you can earn money from a niche blog for a long term but it is difficult in case of a micro niche website. You cannot drive that much traffic unlike lakhs and millions of traffic in niche sites.

As a beginner you can start your website as a micro niche site and after gaining the authority you can convert into a niche site.

Pros and Cons of micro niche Website

There are a lot of pros and cons of building a micro niche site.


  1. It is easier to build targeted traffic from search engines.
  2. Due to the targeted traffic, you can increase your website conversion rate.
  3. You can sell high paying and targeted products to a close group of people.
  4. You can grow your blog faster.
  5. You can make more money even with less traffic.


  1. You can’t get lot of traffic to your website since you will be targeting specific keywords.
  2. You don’t have too many topics to write about so less chance to expand blog.
  3. Backlink building from authority sites can be difficult.

Why to start micro niche website?

If you want your blog to rank in search engine quickly and earn money then you can go for a micro niche website.

You can get targeted traffic to your blog as you are targeting long tail keywords with less competition. You can also make a decent income from a micro niche website in a lesser duration. Also the most important fact is that you need not be a blogging expert to start a micro niche website.

 Is building micro niche site a good idea?

 Yes, you can build a micro niche site and it is a good idea. To get a quick income without waiting for long time, it is good to build a micro niche blog.

Due to innovation in technology, there are a lot of micro niches available like gaming laptops in laptop, plugin micro niche in WordPress, etc.

How to start a micro niche blog

Setting up a micro niche site is the easiest way and is very important task as you can make money fast.

If you are a beginner then building a blog may be difficult for you but it is that easy that you can do it from your bedroom. You need not have to take any special course for this and it also cost less to get started.

You should follow these steps to build a successful micro niche blog.

Find a profitable micro niche to start a blog

The first important step to build a micro niche blog is to find a micro niche with enough search volume, latest trends, and profitability. This decides your efforts in creating your micro niche blog.

For choosing a micro niche you should consider the following points: Your areas of interest, the topic in which you have enough knowledge, what is difficult to find in the internet, topics which you are most interested in and that you have recently Googled.

You can use certain tools like Semrush, Google, Quora to find out the micro niche topic. Google is the simplest and the easiest tool. Just go to Google and type in the search button your keyword and press space. And you can have a lot of long tail keyword for your search. From this you can select your topic of interest. You can also use Quora. It is free of cost and also a easy tool.

Check your competitors

Researching about your competitors will give a good idea about your competitors and you will have idea about the market. You can have the idea how strong are your competitors in that niche. You can also analyse the strategies they are applying.

Getting your website up and running

After analyzing your competitors, you can now choose your domain and hosting. By choosing a hosting you can make it accessible to the whole world.

While choosing the domain the most important points are:

  1. Go always with .com
  2. Make it short
  3. Avoid hypens

Regardless of the hosting you choose, you can easily check domains and purchase them directly through your hosting provider.

Install WordPress

WordPress installation is very easy. Most of the hosting providers gives a one click installation which you can install very easily.

Install a Theme

Theme is a collection of templates that defines a website display and appearance. After install WordPress you can choose from hundreds of free and paid WordPress themes. You don’t need to waste a lot of time to understand that a free theme will hardly have the features a premium theme has. WordPress has a lot of themes in its directory. Almost all the themes in WordPress are superbly made and provide a great user experience. There is no need of hiring a web designers to make your website look beautiful.

After deciding the theme, you need to download it first and then install it. After installing the theme, we will go to the next step.

Keyword research and content planning

After installing WordPress, you need to research on topics that users are searching. This is known as keyword research and it is one of the essential steps and a integral part of any successful blog.

When you are looking at keywords, you can use tools that provide search volume from which you can know the keyword difficulty for that specific word. You can know how competitive that specific keyword is and whether you can use that keyword.

After having a list of relevant keywords, you can use them in your content to ensure that the content you are writing has search traffic potential. You need to use keywords in your content that can drive visitors to your blog. This in turn will increase your ranking power in the search engine result page.

Write amazing blog posts

This is the most important step in your micro niche blogging success. When working on a micro niche website your audience will not be that large like niche blogs. So you should maximize the chances of being found.

For this you should write extensive and through content, stick to the micro niche idea and be consistent on your content creation. To write amazing blog content you should follow the following steps:

  1. You should have a clear understanding of your target audience.
  2. Check out your competitors.
  3. You should have a compelling headlines so that your blog post should be read and shared.
  4. Add subheading and write shorter paragraphs to break up the page.
  5. Add images to your blog post.
  6. Optimize for SEO.

Work on link building strategy

Google gives priority to sites with backlinks. So, building backlinks is essential for the success of your website.

You can write amazing content that can make people to share them. Adding visual infographics can help your blog in creating backlinks. Write guest posts that educate other blog’s audiences.

This is not fast or easy but this gives the result.

Drive traffic on your site

Do not only rely on SEO to drive organic traffic to your site. You can have some activity on your social media platforms which will help boost your SEO strategy and drive traffic to your site faster.

You can optimize your content with SEO and get visible results within 3 to 6 months of your publication date. You can also grow your content organically by pinning on Pinterest. Also, Email is the most effective way of send subscribers new articles and also monetize your blog. You can also share your content on Facebook groups to drive traffic.

Wrapping up

If you have not yet started a micro niche website then it’s the right time to start. Niche blogging is more effective way to start your website but by starting a micro niche blog, you can drive traffic to your website faster and can earn money easily.  I think these micro niche ideas will help you in starting and growing your micro niche blog.

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